ABB-free@home® – Making Home Automation Easier than Ever

ABB-free@home® provides a home automation platform that allows simple installation and commissioning of a fully automated home which can be controlled with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Commands can be given by touch or voice control. The installation ensures easy, flexible and future proofed control of all of the functions.

ABB-free@home® allows the complete regulation of all of the automated features of the home. It provides functionality that is mobile and smart, precise and continuously variable.

For example, if the lighting atmosphere is to be changed, tapping on the touch screen or even a simple voice command can move the blinds, change the colours of the lights or select a pre-programmed lighting scene.

The ABB-free@home® home automation makes daily life easier. Motorised blinds, lighting, heating, air-conditioning and door communication can be controlled together. The smartphone becomes the remote control in the house. The blinds can be moved up and the radio in the kitchen can be switched on with the touch of a button while you are still in bed – or all lights and devices are deactivated via a switch when leaving the house.

“High levels of comfort and security as well as improved energy efficiency”

Door Communication
The ABB-Welcome door communication system can be integrated into ABB-free@home®. The door communication and home automation can be used together with ABB-free@ homeTouch 7”. For example, the light switches on when the doorbell rings to see visitors more clearly. And for reasons of safety, the video camera records pictures of visitors at the door when no one is home.

Picture Directly on the Display
Practical and comfortable. The image of the video camera can be displayed on the tablet or smartphone via the Welcome app. In this way, any visitors who ring the bell can be recognised even if you are not at home (requires the ABB-Welcome IP gateway and ABB-Welcome outdoor video station).

Security While you are Away
Even when you are away from home you can still be kept up-to-date. ABB-free@home® informs you (either as e-mail or push-notification on the smartphone) about current events at home – such as when a movement detector detects a movement or when a window has been open for a long period of time. For additional security while you are away the presence simulation of ABB-free@home® records the weekly sequence of the devices. This means that its response is completely the same whether the residents are present or absent. Whether on a business trip, on holiday or while shopping around the corner, a safety check of the entire home is possible from anywhere in the world.

Voice Control
The activation of the voice control in the ABB-free@home® app suffices to control the climate, lights and safety in the entire house via voice input. Very simple, without having to learn special commands and without laborious configuration.

Places are available on ABB’s free installation and commissioning training course scheduled for November 2016.  Contact ABB Marketing for further details: