Updated National Wiring Rules

Amendment No. 2.2 of the ETCI National Rules for Electrical Installations, ET101:2008 comes into effect from the 5th of September 2017. This update to the Wiring Rules will see the phasing out of traditional flat PVC/PVC cable with bare earth and its replacement by cable with an insulated earth conductor of the same cross section as the supply cable. The cable now specified is to be in accordance with I.S. 201-4 which was published in 2013. The significant change is driven by the adoption of this standard for cable by the amendment to ET101.

This change will pose challenges for all sectors of the industry. Cable Manufacturers and distributors will be required to source suitably certified cable and given the current growth in the construction industry this may present problems of supply and availability. For contractors and installers they need to take into consideration the installation problems that this increased size of cable may bring. Traditional conduits as used in domestic installations will need to be resized and the issue of looping cables at outlets may also present problems.
It is expected that a number of questions will be raised. If you have concerns that you would particularly like to highlight, we can redirect your query, through your trade association, to the correct authorities. In a future issue of ELECTRIC.IE we will have a question and answer section which will clarify the situation. Everyone should familiarise themselves with the requirements. Posters are being distributed to Electrical Wholesalers nationwide to assist in highlighting the changes. Registered Electrical Contractors will also receive notification from Safe Electric.

Our website www.electric.ie will keep you informed of developments in this initiative.