Measurement and Protection from Sifam Tinsley

An established brand name for over 75 years; Sifam Tinsley Instrumentation has an unrivalled pedigree in the industry. They have a dedicated research and development
facility that ensures that the latest technology is utilised in their electronic products whilst the traditional analogue range continues to perform through the test of time. The UK facility completes the picture by enabling the service Demesne Electrical customers expect.

All Sifam products conform to national and international standards, manufactured from raw materials onwards at their factories; this enables full control of production requirements and
ensures the high quality that customers expect at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Demesne Electrical are now authorised agents and stockists of the complete Sifam range which includes –

  • Current Transformers – Standard, Split Core & 3 in 1 type
  • 72×72 Ammeters & Voltmeters
  • 72×72 Frequency Meters
  • Digital KWH Meters
  • Digital transducers
  • Digital Meters & Analysers
AP15KWH Meters

The AP15 range are a new generation modern design with the capability of not just monitoring kWh but a vast array of electrical power quality parameters.

It has been engineered to cover most application needs (Single Phase and Three Phase networks / CT operated / Direct Connection up to 100 Amps AC / Built in Pulsed and RS485 Modbus / Import and Export kWh), replacing the need for several different models of this power meter while still offering a competitive market price.

ND20lite/ND30 Multi-function Meters

The ND multi-function metering products are designed as digital programmable panel meters destined for the measurement of single-phase power network parameters (2-wire network) and 3-phase, 3, 4-wire network in balanced and unbalanced systems with the simultaneous display of measured quantities on a LCD and full colour TFT displays.

These meters enable the control and optimization of power electronics devices, systems and industrial installation operations.

Current Transformers

Sifam Tinsley offers an extensive range of single phase and three phase current transformers providing a vast array of system primary ratings, apertures, model variants and accuracies to the industry’s standards in-order to suit every applications need.

Moulded case Measuring and Protection, Toroidal, Summation, Core Balanced, Resin Cast, Split core, 3 Phase Moulded Case and High Accuracy (Class 0.2S) Moulded Case for tariff metering.

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