Power to the people

When it comes to power supplies, bigger is not necessarily always better. Oversized, overrated power supplies can be more expensive and energy-intensive over their operational life. With energy efficiency a priority for companies, and machines becoming ever smaller, more economic power supplies are increasingly required.

As well as offering high specification, feature-rich power supplies for large, powerful industrial machines, companies like WAGO are also focusing on providing solutions at the other end of the market. Smaller 24 VDC applications like vending machines, fruit machines, coffee machines and cash machines require clean power to function optimally, but often have little space available for control and power components.

Machine builders want reliability, but they also don’t want to have to spend heavily on up-front or maintenance costs.

Machines such as these have the added complication that they’re sometimes consumer-operated. This can demand additional safety protections that wouldn’t necessarily be required in an industrial environment.

To meet this demand, WAGO has developed the EPSITRON ECO and EPSITRON COMPACT switch mode power supplies, which both have variants conforming to EN 60335, bringing the capabilities of industrial power supplies into consumerorientated appliances. ATEX/ IEC Ex approved variants for Zone 2 and Class I Div. 2 are also available, making these classes of power supply highly versatile, and suitable for basic applications in extreme environments as well as in domestic and commercial locations. This could for example include applications like floor cleaning machines, entertainment machines, electric cookers, blinds, or heating controls and ventilation systems. DIN rail and screw mounting options makes small cabinet spaces less problematic, and variants are available that are as little as 30 mm in width.

A wide input voltage range of 90 to 264 VAC means high tolerance to voltage fluctuations, while output currents of 1.25A up to 40A are available.

Both supplies have constant power overload characteristics, enabling the COMPACT to deliver 1.35 times the nominal rated current with lowered output voltage, and the ECO 1.4 times, depending on variant. This makes them suitable for starting capacitive loads, for example. For low-resistance short circuits, the output voltage is reduced to zero and automatically reinstated once the short circuit is eliminated.

Connections are kept secure using spring pressure connection, which makes the power supplies up to 50 percent quicker to wire up compared to screw-type connections while reducing the likelihood of wiring errors. This also makes them far more resistant to vibration and shock, and eliminates the need to repeatedly check and tighten screws once installed.

Drives and Controls is an appointed WAGO distributor for Ireland. To find out more about WAGO’s EPSITRON family, as well as other interconnection, electrical interface and automation products, visit the website www.drivesandcontrols.ie