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ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 17 Industry News Irish Households not Recycling Lightbulbs ർ Consumers encouraged to have a "Lightbulb Moment" with WEEE Ireland Recycling free, easy and convenient. ”‡Žƒ† Šƒ˜‡ ’—„Ž‹•Š‡† Ƥ†‹‰• –Šƒ– ͟Ǥ͞ ‹ŽŽ‹‘ Ž‹‰Š–„—Ž„• ™‡”‡ ”‡…›…Ž‡† ‹ ͤ͜͞͝ǡ †‡•’‹–‡ ƒ ‡•–‹ƒ–‡† ͜͝ ‹ŽŽ‹‘ „‡‹‰ •‘Ž† ‹ ”‡Žƒ† ‹ –Š‡ •ƒ‡ ’‡”‹‘†Ǥ ”‡Žƒ† ‹• …ƒŽŽ‹‰ ‘ ”‹•Š…‘•—‡”• –‘ Dz ƒ˜‡ ƒ ‹‰Š–„—Ž„ ‘‡–dz ƒ† ”‡…›…Ž‡ –Š‡‹”…‘’ƒ…– ƪ—‘”‡•…‡– ȋ Ȍ Ž‹‰Š–„—Ž„•Ǥ Recent research commissioned by WEEE Ireland highlights that almost 40% Irish adults still dispose of used lightbulbs in their general waste, despite the current era of heightened environmental awareness. As part of WEEE Ireland’s Small Things Matter campaign, they are reminding householders that energy saving lightbulbs, ƪ—‘”‡•…‡– –—„‡• ƒ† –Š‡‹” Ƥ––‹‰•…ƒ „‡ ”‡…›…Ž‡†ǡ ƒ† ‹– ‹• free, easy and local to do! ‘‡–‹‰ ‘ –Š‡ Ƥ†‹‰•ǡ ‡‘ ‘‘˜ƒǡ ‘ˆ ”‡Žƒ† •ƒ‹†ǣ “Many people are making the change to LEDs for their home lighting. While Ireland is excellent at recycling waste household electrical goods and batteries, it is clear that when it comes to what to do with our old lightbulbs, we are still in the dark. Particularly surprising is the number of young people who don’t recycle their lightbulbs – over a third of 18-24 year-olds dispose of them in with their general rubbish, despite e-waste recycling being free and easy to do.” Donovan added “Batteries are the most commonly-recycled small electrical item in Ireland, with a collection point in almost every shop. We now want people to also associate their local hardware store or electrical wholesaler with recycling their waste lightbulbs in the same way.” Recycling lighting and electrical ™ƒ•–‡ „‡‡Ƥ–• –Š‡ ‡˜‹”‘‡–ǡ allowing plastics, metals and glass to be recovered for further use in manufacturing and ensuring hazardous waste is disposed of safely. Waste CFL lightbulbs may contain a small amount of mercury vapour or metal dust, making them unsuitable for disposal in general household waste. Irish consumers and small businesses are being urged to recycle their waste lightbulbs free of charge in a number of …‘˜‡‹‡– ™ƒ›•ǣ • Asking their lighting installer to return waste lightbulbs and lighting equipment to their wholesaler • By returning them to their local hardware store • By returning them to their local lighting store • By bringing them to their nearest local authority recycling centre ‘‘˜ƒ ‹• ‡‡ –‘ ’‘‹– ‘—– ‡Ž‡…–”‘‹…™ƒ•–‡ ‹• ”‡…›…Ž‡† Š‡”‡ ‹ ”‡Žƒ† –‘‘ “We are very proud that 100% of waste lighting equipment returned is recycled here in Ireland, at our Žƒ„‡š ‡”–‹Ƥ‡† ’ƒ”–‡”• Irish Lamp Recycling, Athy, Co. Kildare.” WEEE Ireland is calling on Irish consumers to “Have a Lightbulb Moment” and recycle their compact fluorescent (CFL) lightbulbs Electrical Contractors can get freeWEEE Ireland lighting or WEEE recycling boxes from their Electrical Wholesaler. Electrical Wholesalers can order freeWEEE Ireland recycling boxes by calling 1890 253 252 or at www.weeeireland.ie . ”‡Žƒ† ’”‘˜‹†‡• ƒ ‹–‡”ƒ…–‹˜‡ ƒ’ –‘ Ƥ† ƒ ’ƒ”–‹…‹’ƒ–‹‰ ”‡–ƒ‹Ž‡” ‘” Ž‘…ƒŽ ƒ—–Š‘”‹–› ”‡…›…Ž‹‰…‡–”‡ ƒ– https://www.weeeireland.ie/household-recycling/where-can-i-recycle/