Electric.ie Magazine Nov - Dec 2019

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 19 Industry News PEMCO PEMCO - An Irish company keeping ahead of the standards P ”‘‰”‡•• Ž‡…–”‘’Žƒ–‹‰ Ƭ ƒ—ˆƒ…–—”‹‰ ‘Ǥ ‹‹–‡† ȋ Ȍ ‹• ƒ ƒ—ˆƒ…–—”‹‰ ƒ† †‹•–”‹„—–‹‘…‘’ƒ› „ƒ•‡† ‹ ”ƒ›ǡ ‘Ǥ ‹…Ž‘™ǡ ”‡Žƒ†Ǥ Š‡› •—’’Ž› –Š‡ Ž‡…–”‹…ƒŽ Š‘Ž‡•ƒŽ‡ ”ƒ†‡ ‹ –Š‡ ‡’—„Ž‹…‘ˆ ”‡Žƒ†ǡ ‘”–Š‡” ”‡Žƒ† ƒ• ™‡ŽŽ ƒ• –Š‡ Ǥ •–ƒ„Ž‹•Š‡† ‹ ͱ͹ͷͶ „› ‘•‡’Š ›ƒ Senior. The company has grown to „‡…‘‡ ƒ ˆƒ‹Ž› ”— „—•‹‡•• ȋͳ ‰‡‡”ƒ–‹‘•Ȍ ‡’Ž‘›‹‰ ͱͶ ’‡‘’Ž‡Ǥ PEMCO stock a full range of LED lighting industrial and domestic, cable management systems, PVC ƪ—•Š ƒ† •—”ˆƒ…‡ „‘š‡•ǡ ‡–ƒŽ boxes, earth rods and boxes, PVC conduit and accessories, wiring accessories and much more in their ʹͰǡͰͰͰ •“Ǥ ˆ–Ǥ ™ƒ”‡Š‘—•‡Ǥ All PVC boxes, trunking and conduits are manufactured in –Š‡ ͲͰǡͰͰͰ •“Ǥ ˆ–Ǥ ’—”’‘•‡ „—‹Ž– manufacturing facility in Bray. PEMCO is the only manufacturer of these products in Ireland. They also manufacture and assemble some of the lighting range here in Bray. All PEMCO ƪ‘‘†Ž‹‰Š–• ƒ† Š‹‰Š „ƒ›•…ƒ „‡ Ƥ––‡† ™‹–Š •‡•‘”• ƒ† ƒ”‡ dual voltage. PEMCO's new ‘Ǧ…‘””‘•‹˜‡ ͱͱͰ ˜‘Ž– ›‡ŽŽ‘™ „ƒ•‡Ͳ͵ ™ƒ–– ‹• ’”‡Ǧ™‹”‡† ƒ†…—–• ‹•–ƒŽŽƒ–‹‘…‘•–• †‘™ „› ʹͰτǤ The New Irish Standard ǦͶʹ͵Ǧ͸ǣͶʹ͵ͷǣ The new Irish standard requires that all PVC and LSHF sheathed …ƒ„Ž‡ ˆ‘” Ƥš‹‰ ™‹”‹‰ ƒ’’Ž‹…ƒ–‹‘• is manufactured containing an insulated earth core which is the same cross sectional area as the other conductors in the cable. Šƒ˜‡ „‡‡ ‘‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ Ƥ”•– to invest in new tooling to facilitate this new standard. ǯ• Ͳͳ —’‡” ˜ƒŽ Rigid Conduit is compatible to take –™‘ ‡™ ͲǤ͵ ™‹ ƒ† ƒ”–Š Cable’s. What our customers say: "PEMCO fully engaged with us from the outset and fully understood our business needs. They subsequently scoped out, developed and delivered to our exact requirements." "Overall we are very impressed with PEMCO and their professionalism and the degree of engagement they had with us throughout the whole process to ensure successful product delivery. Hence, we would recommend PEMCO to any business." Look out for more new products in Jan- Feb issue of ELECTRIC.IE Paul Tynan – Sales Director – 086 3896120 Thomas Tynan – Director – 086 3839193 ƥ…‡ Ȃ ͠͡ ͨͦͦͦ͢͢͡ Ȁ ͨͦͩͧͧͥ͢