Electric.ie Magazine Nov - Dec 2019

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 25 The flat and flexible distribution board A flat design, a broad range of applications: With an installation depth of just 110 mm, the new distribution board is the ideal solution for increasingly common cavity wall mounting. The distribution board fits almost flush into any cavity wall or wall. It is also becoming necessary to house and wire more and more modular and communication devices. For this reason, we have created more cable entries, more space for vertical cable management, and more flexibility with regard to the component placement. This means there is enough space for all applications. Custom orders and configuration In addition to complete distribution boards, you yourself can put together your new distribution board as you normally would. This means that as a first step, the wall box would be required when the building is being constructed. The second step would be the interior work and at the very end, once plastering and painting has been completed, the frame and the door can be mounted. Depending on the application, you can choose between different door variants. A robust steel sheet door or one with an enlarged plastic insert for optimum WLAN reception or one with slots for better ventilation when there is an increased heat build-up in the distribution board. More possibilities Hager’s FW distribution boards re-designed Are you looking for a multi-functional flush-mounted distribution board for all applications? The new distribution board for flush mounting or cavity wall mounting excels with its greater versatility and extended interior. Ideal for all applications in residential and commercial buildings – from energy distribution through to the use of multimedia. Optimum protection High-quality products need to be adequately protected. That’s why we have optimised the packaging. To protect it from impact, the distribution board is supplied in a robust, hard shell. In addition, a full-surface plaster protection and a wall box packaging as well as door packaging were integrated. This enables you to store the door safely when carrying out plastering or painting, whether at the installation site or in your workshop. At a glance: – Flush or cavity wall mounting – Fitted or prepared for univers FW – Depth: 110 mm – Height: 450 –1200 mm (internal dimensions) – Width: 250–750 mm (internal dimensions) –Protection class II, IP30 degree of protection, impact resistance up to IK09