Electric.ie Magazine Nov - Dec 2019

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 27 LED Group ROBUS ROBUS launch new cloud based smart lighting system, ROBUS CONNECT ർ ROBUS is a market-leading brand with a range of lighting solutions that are proven and trusted by over 2,000 stockists and thousands of installers internationally. May this year saw the launch of a new cloud based smart lighting system, ROBUS CONNECT. The system transforms interaction with domestic and commercial lighting. …‘’ƒ–‹„Ž‡ ’”‘†—…–• Šƒ˜‡ „—‹Ž– ‹ ‹Ǧ ‹ …‘‡…–‹˜‹–›ǡ ‡ƒ‹‰ ƒŽŽ –Šƒ–ǯ• ”‡“—‹”‡† ‹• ƒ ™‹”‡Ž‡•• ‡–™‘” ƒ† ƒ ‹–‡”‡–…‘‡…–‹‘ –‘ ˆ—ŽŽ›…‘–”‘Ž ƒ› Ž‹‰Š– Ƥ––‹‰ ™‹–Š –Š‡ –‘—…Š ‘ˆ ƒ „—––‘ —•‹‰ –Š‡ ’’Ǥ Š‡”‡ ‹• ‘ ‡‡† ˆ‘” ƒ Š—„Ǥ Š‡ ’’…‘–”‘Ž• –Š‡ Ž‹‰Š– Ƥ––‹‰• from anywhere, allows multiple users and is ideal for scheduling Ž‹‰Š–• –‘ ‘ ƒ† ‘ơǤ A rapidly growing number of people are using Digital Assistant products domestically ( ͱ 8% of people in Ireland) use Assistants like Alexa, Siri or the Google- Assistant. ROBUS CONNECT products are compatible with these systems and you can use ROBUS CONNECT devices alongside any other smart products. The ROBUS CONNECT range currently consists of; • GLS CONNECT 8W tuneable LED lamps, B ͲͲ and E Ͳͷ • ULTIMUM CONNECT ͷ W Downlight • ƪ‡š‹Ǧ strip Single Colour, RGB and RGBW Controllers • ƪ‡š‹Ǧ strip Single Colour and RGB Controllers Most homeowners will start dabbling with smart lighting ’”‘†—…–• „› Ƥ”•– „—›‹‰ ƒ •ƒ”– lamp for their lamp or ceiling. The GLS CONNECT is available with Bayonet and Edison screw caps which allow the lamp to be used ‹ Ƥ––‹‰• ‘ˆ ƒ† —”‘’‡ƒ origin. GLS CONNECT provides superior lighting performance ƒ† ‡ƥ…ƒ…› •‘ ‹– ™‹ŽŽ ”‡’Žƒ…‡ ƒ† provide greater light than most traditional light sources whilst making over ͹Ͱ % energy saving. The ULTIMUM CONNECT, a ͷ W, IP6 ͵ , tuneable, Fire Rated Downlight is a fantastic product which is colour temperature selectable ( ͲͷͰͰ -6 ͵ͰͰ K), has a wide operating ambient temperature range of - ͲͰ °C to + ʹͰ °C and is designed and tested to retain the integrity of ͳͰ , ͶͰ - and ͹ͰǦ‹—–‡ Ƥ”‡ ”ƒ–‡†…‡‹Ž‹‰• so it is compliant with Building Regulations Parts B, C and E. ROBUS VEGAS/PULSE LED ƪ‡š‹Ǧ•–”‹’ Ž‹‰Š–• ƒ”‡ ‡ƒ•‹Ž› ƒ†‡ Wi-Fi controllable by using the VEGAS CONNECT and/or PULSE CONNECT Controllers. To coincide with the launch of the ROBUS CONNECT range, ROBUS Area Sales Representatives across Ireland are hosting training days for contractors and wholesalers. The training will demonstrate how easy it is to pair and control the Ƥ––‹‰• ™‹–Š the ROBUS CONNECT App. E I F I This range of compatible products will be expanding over the coming months to include a more extensive range of cloud based smart lighting and home products. For more info visit www.robus.com .