Electric.ie Magazine Nov - Dec 2019

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 35 ABB ABB Data Center Expert Day …–‘„‡” ͱͰ–Š ͲͰͱ͹ Š‡Ž† ƒ ƒ–ƒ ‡–‡” š’‡”– ƒ› ‹ ‘†‡ŽŽ‘ ƒ”ǡ ‹Ž†ƒ”‡Ǥ ˜‡” ͤͰ ‹†—•–”› ’”‘ˆ‡••‹‘ƒŽ• Œ‘‹‡† –Š‡ ˆ‘” ƒ †ƒ› ‘ˆ ”ƒ…‹‰ ƒ† ƒ…–‹˜‹–‹‡• ‹ ”‡Žƒ†ǯ• Š‘‡ ‘ˆ ‘–‘”•’‘”– ™Š‹Ž•– Ž‡ƒ”‹‰ Š‘™ –‘ †”‹˜‡ •ƒ˜‹‰• ˆ‘” ›‡ƒ”• –‘…‘‡ „› Ž‡˜‡”ƒ‰‹‰ –Š‡‹” †‹‰‹–ƒŽ ƒ••‡–•ǡ ǡ ƒ† —‹“—‡ †‡•‹‰ ƒ’’”‘ƒ…Š‡• –‘ •‹’Ž‹ˆ› ‘’‡”ƒ–‹‘•Ǥ Topics included: • The evolution of the Irish data center cluster • Digital infrastructure for a digital age • Intelligent grid connection to support Ireland’s data center growth • ͹ Ƭ †‰‡ ”‡†• ABB’s data center solutions and integrated systems are designed for heavy-duty applications and the world’s ever-increasing †ƒ–ƒ †‡ƒ†•Ǥ Š‡› ‘ơ‡” technologies for cloud, colocation, –‡Ž‡…‘—‹…ƒ–‹‘• ƒ† Ƥƒ…‹ƒŽ services customers. The advantage is clear: • Elastic infrastructure that can grow or shrink with your demand. • Deep visibility into your infrastructure to make automation easier. • Intelligent grid connections to give you more choices on how you manage your energy. Whatever challenges you may be facing, whether it’s space saving, ‘†—Žƒ”‹–› Ƭ ƪ‡š‹„‹Ž‹–›ǡ ‡‡”‰› ‡ƥ…‹‡…›ǡ…‘–‹—‘—• ‘’‡”ƒ–‹‘ or safety & security, ABB have the solutions you need to overcome them. The world requires more power than ever, power which the energy and industrial revolutions dictate must come from electricity. To meet these ”‡“—‹”‡‡–• ‘ơ‡”• ƒ –‘–ƒŽ solution in e-mobility and energy distribution, from reliable DC fast charging stations for vehicles, to world leading Smart Circuit Breakers. At the Data Center event, ABB took the opportunity to showcase the new Ͳʹ  ƒŽŽ„‘š ƒ† –Š‡ ‡™ ƒš Ͳ Žƒ… ƒ† ƒš ‹”…—‹– ”‡ƒ‡”• ™‹–Š Žƒ•• ͱ ‡‡”‰› ƒ……—”ƒ…›Ǥ In Smart Mobility and Smart Power they have the number one Smart Solutions to optimise total Asset Performance and bring us closer to a Low Carbon Future, today. ABB have launched an interactive online tool which highlights the ABB Ž‡…–”‹Ƥ…ƒ–‹‘ ˜‹•‹‘ ƒ† ’‘••‹„‹Ž‹–‹‡• of smart cities. š’Ž‘”‡ –Š‡ ‘Ž‹‡ –‘‘Ž Š‡”‡ǣ https:// ™™™Ǥƒ„„•ƒ”–…‹–‹‡•Ǥ…‘Ȁ In the upcoming weeks, this online –‘‘Ž ™‹ŽŽ ‡˜‘Ž˜‡ ‹–‘ ƒ ’‘™‡”ˆ—Ž ‘ƫ‹‡ desktop & tablet application. ABB would like to give a big thank you to all who attended the Data Center Expert Day. If you would like any more information on any of these topics please contact ABB on +35314057300 or e-mail lvpsalesie@ie.abb.com ർ The data center industry is at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution where demands for availability and efficiency are at an all-time high. What's needed is mission critical technology, solutions that are smart, safe and sustainable for data centre operations. $ JUHDW WXUQRXW DW WKH $%% 'DWD &HQWHU ([SHUW 'D\