Electric.ie Magazine Nov - Dec 2019

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 49 Phoenix Contact Tailored specifically to the system Š‡ ‡™ ǤǤǤ Ǧ Ǧ —Ž–‹Ǧ …Šƒ‡Ž ‡Ž‡…–”‘‹……‹”…—‹– „”‡ƒ‡”• ˆ”‘ Š‘‡‹š ‘–ƒ…– …ƒ „‡ ‘”†‡”‡† †‹”‡…–Ž› ‹ ˜‡”•‹‘• –Šƒ– ƒ”‡ –ƒ‹Ž‘”‡† •’‡…‹Ƥ…ƒŽŽ› –‘ –Š‡ •›•–‡Ǥ  ƒ††‹–‹‘ǡ –Š‡ ‹–‡‰”ƒ–‡† •–ƒ–—• ‘—–’—– ƒ† ”‡•‡– ‹’—– ƒŽŽ‘™ –Š‡ †‡˜‹…‡ •–ƒ–—• –‘ „‡ ‘‹–‘”‡† ”‡‘–‡Ž› ƒ† –”‹’’‡†…Šƒ‡Ž• –‘ „‡ •™‹–…Š‡† ‘ ƒ‰ƒ‹Ǥ The new versions therefore combine two features in a single †‡˜‹…‡ǡ ‡ƒ„Ž‹‰ ›‘— –‘ „‡‡Ƥ– from faster installation and the ability to reset devices remotely, which saves costs during startup and servicing. The device circuit breakers also include established features, such as one-button operation via the LED button and the electronic interlock to prevent unintentional changes to current values. Š‡”‡ ‹• ƒŽ•‘ ƒ ˜‡”•‹‘ –Šƒ– •ƒ–‹•Ƥ‡• –Š‡ ”‡“—‹”‡‡–• ‘ˆ Žƒ•• ͲǤ The device circuit breakers are available starting from a minimum quantity of one unit. More wiring space in heavy-duty connector Š‡ ‡™ –ƒŽŽ •Ž‡‡˜‡ ƒ† •—”ˆƒ…‡ ‘—–‹‰ Š‘—•‹‰• ˆ‘” ‡ƒ˜›…‘ –ƒ†ƒ”† Ǧ•‡”‹‡•…‘‡…–‘”• ˆ”‘ Š‘‡‹š ‘–ƒ…– ƒ”‡ ’ƒ”–‹…—Žƒ”Ž› •—‹–ƒ„Ž‡ ˆ‘” ‘†—Žƒ” ƒ’’Ž‹…ƒ–‹‘•Ǥ Š‡‹” –ƒŽŽ‡” †‡•‹‰ ƒ† Žƒ”‰‡”…ƒ„Ž‡ ‘—–Ž‡–• ‹ ͵Ͱ ˆ‘”ƒ– ’”‘˜‹†‡ ‘”‡ •’ƒ…‡ ˆ‘” ™‹”‹‰Ǥ Š‹• ƒŽ•‘ ‡ƒ• Žƒ”‰‡” …ƒ„Ž‡ †‹ƒ‡–‡”• ƒ†…ƒ„Ž‡ „—†Ž‡•…ƒ „‡…‘‡…–‡† …‘˜‡‹‡–Ž›Ǥ The robust housings are made from high-quality die-cast aluminum and are highly resistant to corrosion. They withstand vibrations and high mechanical strain, and have a reliable seal rating of up to IP66/ IP67. In addition, the conductive surfaces and seals provide reliable EMC protection. The tall connectors are available ‹ •‹œ‡• ͢ –‘ Ͳʹ ƒ† ƒ”‡ ƒŽŽ connection-compatible with the market standard. With the new corresponding contact inserts for high-position applications, up to 46 signal contacts can be easily connected in one B24 connector. With Push-in connection technology, installation is direct and tool-free. The compact clamping chamber of the Push-in contact inserts provides high packing density, which previously could only be achieved with a conventional crimp connection.