Electric.ie Magazine Nov - Dec 2019

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 57 Industry News Demesne Electrical ˜‡”•ƒ–‹Ž‡ ’‘”–ˆ‘Ž‹‘ ‘ˆ ’”‘†—…–• ™‡”‡ ‘ ‘ơ‡” ƒ• –Š‡ ‡‡•‡ Ž‡…–”‹…ƒŽ ”‡‹‡” ‡ƒ‰—‡ ”ƒ†‡ ˜‡– ‰‘– —†‡”™ƒ› ƒ– –Š‡ Šƒ”‘… ‘˜‡”• ‰”‘—† ‹ ƒŽŽƒ‰Š–Ǥ Product experts from all over Europe were on hand to give advise –‘ •’‡…‹Ƥ‡”•ǡ ‡† —•‡”•ǡ ̽• and wholesalers on a wide range of products from automation and control equipment to digital energy meters, panel heaters, lighting, home automation equipment and much more. Several seminars, all very well attended, were run throughout the day. A presentation of the new wiring regulations was made by ˜‘‡ ›Ž†‡ the Technical Standards Manager at the . This was followed by a presentation on the future of AFDD's in relation to the new wiring regulations made by ƒ” ‡‘‰Š , VP Buildings and Industry at …Š‡‹†‡” Ž‡…–”‹… ”‡Žƒ† . The last seminar was from ‡Š . ‘„‹ ƒ”Ž , Market Development Manager discussed the new surge protection regulations. The winner of the ͇ͱǡͰͰͰ ˜‘—…Š‡” ˆ”‘ „„‡› –”ƒ˜‡Ž was Ray Owens from Control Equipment. 7DOODJKW 6WDGLXP Demesne Electrical - Premier League Trade Event - A large crowd turned out for this event held in the Shamrock Rovers grounds in Tallaght. Paul Fitzsimons, Dave Williamson & Chris McKenna Mark Keogh, Schneider Electric Ireland Paul Marrow from Klauke chatting to customers Yvonne Wylde, NSAI Nicola Monti from Cosmotec Barry O'Connor, Demesne Electrical €1,000 voucher presented to Ray Owens by Declan Balfe