Electric.ie Magazine Nov - Dec 2019

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 65 Obituary Dermot O'Callaghan 1941- 2019 ർ Members of the electrical industry will be sad to hear of the death of Dermot O'Callaghan of Precision Cables. ‡”‘–ǯ•…ƒ”‡‡” „‡‰ƒ ƒ• ƒ ƒ’’”‡–‹…‡ ‡Ž‡…–”‹…‹ƒ ™‹–Š –Š‡ ƒ† ƒˆ–‡” Š‹• –‹‡ –Š‡”‡ Š‡ Œ‘‹‡† ƒ• „”ƒ…Š ƒƒ‰‡” ‘ˆ —†ƒŽǤ ‡ ™ƒ• ƒ ˆ‘—†‹‰ ‡„‡” ‘ˆ ƒ•–‡” Ž‡…–”‹…ƒŽ ™‹–Š „”ƒ…Š‡• ‹ —†ƒŽǡ —„Ž‹ ƒ† ‘” „‡ˆ‘”‡ •‡ŽŽ‹‰ –‘ ‡™‡› ƒ† ›”‡Ǥ ‡ •—„•‡“—‡–Ž› •‡– —’ ”‡…‹•‹‘ ƒ„Ž‡• ‹ ͥͤ͜͝ǡ •‡…—”‹‰ ƒ ‡š…Ž—•‹˜‡ †‹•–”‹„—–‹‘…‘–”ƒ…– ™‹–Š ‹”‡ŽŽ‹ ‡‡”ƒŽ ˆ‘” ”‡Žƒ†Ǥ Š‹•…‘–”ƒ…–…‘–‹—‡• –‘†ƒ› —†‡” –Š‡ ”›•‹ƒ ”‘—’Ǥ ‡”‘– ‹• ƒ ˆ‘”‡”…ƒ’–ƒ‹ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ‘ŽƤ‰ ‘…‹‡–› and was an active committee member where he was fondly known as ‘the Doc’. Dermot was recognised as a Ž‡ƒ†‹‰ Ƥ‰—”‡ ™‹–Š‹ –Š‡ ‹†—•–”› ˆ‘” ƒ› ›‡ƒ”• ƒ† ˜‡”› few who met Dermot ever forgot the encounter. He was ƒŽ™ƒ›• ™‹ŽŽ‹‰ –‘ Ž‡† ƒ Šƒ†ǡ ‰‹˜‡ ƒ†˜‹…‡ ƒ† ‘ơ‡” Š‹• ‘™ opinion. He will be sadly missed by his wife Marie, son Fergus, daughters Louise, Sarah and Helen, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, sons-in-law Brendan and Dec, daughter- in-law Sinead, nephews, nieces, relatives and many friends. May He Rest in Peace. Presidents Prize - Macreddin Golf Club :LQQHU 7RP .DQH SWV 5XQQHU XS -RKQ *DUU\ SWV UG SODFH -LP &ROOLQV SWV &ODVV 'HFODQ 7LJKH SWV &ODVV 6KDQH )LW]SDWULFN SWV )URQW 1LQH 'DYLG 0F/RXJKOLQ SWV %DFN 1LQH 'DYH 0F.HQQD SWV 9LVLWRU :LQQHU -DP HV 6P LWK 1HDUHVW 3LQ WK 'HFODQ 7LJKH 1HDUHVW 3LQ WK 'DYH 0F.HQQD /RQJHVW 'ULYH -DP HV 6P LWK Presidents Prize: / 5 7RQ\ &DUUROO -RKQ *DUU\ 5XQQHU XS &DSWDLQ 3HWHU .HOO\ WK WK 6HSWHP EHU $UN ORZ %D\ +RWHO Captains Prize - Blainroe Golf Club :LQQHU 6WHSKHQ :HLU SWV 5XQQHU XS :LOOLH +HDWKHU SWV UG SODFH -RKQ *DUU\ SWV &ODVV 'HFODQ 7LJKH SWV &ODVV 3DXO +DVODP SWV )URQW 1LQH 'DYH 0F.HQQD SWV %DFN 1LQH 3DXO 0XUSK\ SWV 9LVLWRU :LQQHU 5REHUW 0F&OHDQ 1HDUHVW 3LQ WK 5REHUW 7LJKH 1HDUHVW 3LQ WK 'DYLG 0F/RXJKOLQ /RQJHVW 'ULYH :LOOH +HDWKHU Captains Prize: (L-R) Stephen Weir - Winner, Captain Peter Kelly