Electric.ie March/April 2023

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 27 Phoenix Contact New voltage variants under 100 W The Quint Power power supplies from Phoenix Contact in the power range up to 100 W are now also available with special voltages of 5 V and 12 V. Three new single-phase power supply units (5 V DC with 5 A, 12 V DC with 2.5 A and 7.5 A) supplement the portfolio, which until now has included 24 V devices in the power range of up to 100 W. For small sizes the power supply units provide high system availability with preventive function monitoring and power reserve – even in the low power range. Dynamic boost with up to 200% of the nominal power for 5 s ensures that dif cult loads start. The system can be easily extended by static boost which continuously provides up to 125% of the nominal power. The power supplies also have a high ef ciency of 92.4% and a long service life, with low power dissipation and low heating. Selectable power thresholds and DC OK signaling enable output parameter monitoring tailored to the application. The preventive function monitoring feature warns of critical operating states before faults occur. Push-in connection technology makes commissioning quick and easy. The narrow, at design of the devices also saves space in control cabinets. The power supply units have a DC input voltage range from 88 V DC to 350 V DC. High operating convenience with new connection technology No force or tools are necessary, ensuring a high level of operating convenience. This is made possible by the connection chamber being open in the delivery state. By tapping with the inserted conductor, the preloaded contact spring is triggered even by the smallest flexible conductors, and safe contacting is automatically established. This reduces installation times and enables faster wiring. As with Pushin, a conductor is released by actuating the orange pusher. This opens the connection chamber and tensions the contact spring at the same time. ‒ The new XTV terminal block family is the first product family with the new Push-X connection technology from Phoenix Contact. Compared to the existing Push-in connection technology, Push-X serves all conductor types in direct wiring without exception. The push button always displays the chamber position clearly, regardless of the conductor diameter and orientation of the terminal block. The XTV product range initially is comprised of the three cross-section ranges 6, 10, and 16 mm . The multifunctional properties of feed-through terminal blocks and multiconductor terminal blocks make it possible to use them in various control cabinet applications and in the eld. With testing that goes above and beyond the requirements of the standard, Push-X connection technology can also be used in industries that place high requirements on vibrations, gas tightness, and robustness. Due to the double function shaft, the XTV terminal blocks can be freely combined with the terminal blocks and accessories of the Clipline complete terminal block system.