Electric.ie Nov/Dec Edition

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 11 Klik is the lighting connection system for all your lighting designs. Established in the UK in the 1980s with its innovative 4 Pin plug & socket, installers have come to know and love Klik for its speed & ease of installation. Klik has continued to develop to meet the changing needs of modern lighting connection & control systems through the Klik 4 & Klik 7 Ranges. But the ethos has stayed the same... Just Klik and forget. From Start to Finish. With its pre-wired plugs, Klik saves time on site, eliminates the chance of poor connections and allows for the system to adapt as needs change. Luminaires can be plugged-in in seconds, with absolute safety and without circuit isolation. The secure, simultaneous mechanical & electrical connection gives complete confidence. Our Klik cables are now DCA rated, in compliance with I.S.10101 regulations. Klik is able to exploit the benefits of pre-fabricated wiring systems through its modular and adaptable design. From concept to commissioning, Klik adapts to meet your requirements. By being a pluggable system, the prospect of future refurbishments is also nothing to worry about, lights or groups of lights can be relocated quickly and easily. Lighting creates an impression. Klik, our lighting connection system provides the roots to a buildings lighting system, allowing it to adapt and grow with ease. Controls, including occupancy sensors, ensure that light is only available when needed and tailored to a users needs. “Our Klik cables are now DCA rated, in compliance with I.S.10101 regulations.”