Electric.ie Nov/Dec Edition

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 27 Phoenix Contact Surge protection for universal use The new FLT-MB-T1-264/12.5… UT-R surge protective devices are available in three different circuit versions. They are therefore suitable for use in 1-phase TN-S or TT systems as well as in 3-phase TN-C, TN-S, or TT systems. The surge protective devices are designed to protect residential and functional buildings. However, they can also be used universally in industrial plants and in applications with exposed locations and high lightning density. Due to the innovative triggered carbon spark gap technology, lightning currents are handled safely and surge voltages are limited. The surge protective devices meet high lightning protection requirements Multi-level terminal blocks for building installation save space Double function shafts on each level ensure a timesaving three-phase distribution in the terminal strip. Every terminal point can be clearly marked and seen in every terminal block mounting position. All neutral conductor disconnect terminal blocks are fitted with a robust, screwless disconnect slide for easy and secure N disconnection. It latches in the end positions. The UTI installation terminal blocks with screw connection are compatible with the installation system of Phoenix Contact and have the same system features as the Clipline complete terminal block system. ർThe installation terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact impress by their low and compact design. Using them, building installations can be set up in a quick and space-saving way. The new UTI 6 multi-level terminal blocks are suitable for conductors up to 10 mm². ർThe Flashtrab-MB surge protective device from Phoenix Contact is based on innovative carbon spark gap technology and meets high lightning protection requirements. and are developed, tested, and approved in accordance with EN 61643-1 (DIN EN 61643-11). The devices can therefore be used in all power supply systems with a nominal voltage of 230/400 V AC.