Electric.ie Nov/Dec Edition

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 31 Do you have Electric Radiators in your home, office or rented accommodation? Make Massive savings by limiting occupant control on your electric heaters. Upgrade to the NEW Merida RF Panel Radiator. How it Works • Gain complete control and visibility of each heater remotely. You can see: ¤ If the heaters are on ¤ What setting they are in ¤ How much energy they’re using • The radiator settings can be changed at any time by the landlord, home owner, or business manager to ensure best performance at that given time. ATC • When rooms are occupied, you are still in control of the heating. Using Landlord mode, the only option available to the occupant is to boost the heater to a preset temperature. If required, the settings can be changed remotely. This takes away the opportunity for the occupant to turn the heater up and leave it on. A huge cost saver! • When rooms are not occupied the heaters are in setback temperature mode thus saving energy. • If a room is occupied with the heater on and the occupant decides to open a window, then the open window function kicks in and turns the heater off to save energy • The Merida is a silent heater, no clicking noise when the thermostat kicks in, creating a peaceful environment for guests. • The Merida can be installed in place of the current electric heater on site with no fuss. • The Merida is a sleek and modern radiator which complements any room decor. It is designed to offer complete control to the bill payer, which will save energy and cut down on costs. ATC offer superb back-up service. We have representatives covering the 32 counties of Ireland. We work closely with our customers to always try to deliver the best possible service. Contact us for a site survey. www.atc.ie