Electric.ie Nov/Dec Edition

34 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • Rittal Outdoor enclosures need to be many things, they have to be functional and flexible to house various forms of equipment, they have to be aesthetically pleasing whilst also being secure enough to be placed in both remote and busy public spaces. Surviving the elements is another critical feature, they could be placed outdoors for in excess of 10 years whilst dealing with the hottest summers and harshest winters. Whilst outdoor enclosures may seem a fairly innocuous feature there’s actually a great deal of design and innovation in them. When equipment has to be placed outdoors, it’s not just one factor that has to be considered. Unlike indoor applications there are so many more variables that need to be taken into account. Let’s talk about the weather for instance. Heat and humidity in the summer, cold and ice in the winter; not to mention the wind and rain. Faced with the elements the enclosure design, construction and material used needs to withstand everything the weather can throw at it. Using powder coated aluminum ർThe ones you see beside the road, on the pavement, trackside on the railways. The ones you walk past every day without giving them a second thought, these metal boxes, more often than not contain highly critical equipment that is fundamental to our everyday life. Outdoor enclosures – The unsung heroes means the enclosure is protected from the outside elements, we at Rittal also give the enclosure a double skin. Having a double skin does many things, it helps with the UV solar gain during warmer times protecting the equipment internally just that little bit more from overheating. Alternatively, if cooling (passive or active) is required, the dual casing makes this more manageable. A double skin also means additional heat when the temperature drops, rather than the heat dissipating quickly through the walls of the cabinet. Heat from the equipment or an internal heater means critical equipment can be kept at its optimum working temperature whether it’s summer or winter. A double skin also means better protection from intentional or accidental damage. Outer skins can easily be replaced bringing the enclosure back to its original condition whilst the inner skin protects the internal equipment whilst the repair works are being carried out. There’s no need to replace the whole enclosure if only the outer shell is damaged. IP Rating For outdoor enclosure one key