Electric.ie Nov/Dec Edition

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 5 Editorial electric.ie Electric Bureau Ireland Ltd., Bluebell House Business Centre, Bluebell Avenue, Dublin 12 Tel: (087) 6698028 Info@electric.ie Reg. Dublin: 512293 Colin Sherlock Sales & Marketing Manager Layout/Design colin.sherlock@electric.ie DISCLAIMER Electric Bureau Ireland Ltd. accept no responsiblity for the accuracy of contributed articles or statements appearing in this publication. Electric.ie is published by Electric Bureau Ireland Ltd. The magazine is circulated throughout Ireland and is available on wholesale trade counters and from representatives of electrical distributors who are members of EMDA The editor welcomes: contributions of technical papers, information on new products, details of installation projects and all editorial input of interest to our readers. Printed by W&G Baird First Edition of Electric.ie Jan/Feb 2013. Ten Full Years of Electric.ie Magazine and Website This edition completes 10 full years of our bi-monthly ELECTRIC. IE magazine. We are proud of the fact that we have never missed producing an issue during, even during difficult times. We were there during the height of COVID, helping the industry and individuals to maintain contact and support business. Perhaps this type of helpful approach and our resilience under pressure is the reason why ELECTRIC.IE is considered to be such an integral part of the industry in Ireland. We want to continue serving and supporting you for another Mick G Slein, CEO of ROBUS and finalist of E & Y Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 10 years and beyond. Most importantly, we want to thank our advertisers and editorial supporters without whom we could not exist. We appreciate and thank you all for your support. Congratulations to Mick G Slein for having reached the final five of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In late November the winner will be revealed. We will be keeping our fingers crossed. In news just in, the High Court has agreed to set aside a Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) which sets pay and condition for electrical workers. (see page 9) Light + Building Autumn Edition has just been completed and the full show will be back again in March 2024. (see page 7) In Ireland Schneider Electric held an innovation summit in Johnstown Estate to focus on a more resilient and sustainable future that we can all help to build together. (see page 19) Ei Electronics has commissioned a new state-of-the-art research and development laboratory. This Irish company just continues to go from strength to strength. (see page 25) Light + Building, Autumn Edition 2022.