Electric.ie Nov/Dec Edition

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 53 Switch Electrical Solutions are continuously on the lookout for brands to compliment our offering to our Customers. Following on from the Pandemic, as with a lot of industries, we noticed some changes to the type of queries we were getting from our contacts. One of which was that the demand for alternative power solutions has changed as a result of the shift in traditional working models. In 2021, we found OE who appointed Switch as their partner to distribute OE products in Ireland. We felt that our partnership with OE could help meet the changing requirements of this new flexible working environment. So who are OE Electrics? OE Electrics design and manufacture unique, innovative and clever power, data, and USB charging solutions. Over the last 18 months they have recognised that the workplace is evolving, and the needs and desires of employees are also changing. No longer do workers want to be confined to their desk, but they want to be able to rest a laptop anywhere, collaborate with colleagues, in agile settings and not have to worry about charging. One of the solutions they have designed to meet the requirements of this evolving workforce, is a new concept range called ANIMATE. This is a system of components that, when combined, allow the user to work anywhere, helping to create a truly agile world – you can find out more about this by contacting Switch. What they do OE products can be used in a myriad of scenarios and not just the workplace. Their power solutions have been installed in airports, colleges, gyms, as well as various leisure outlets. Their unique products have been installed all over the world and Switch are happy to have worked on many prestigious projects so far with OE. Their patented replaceable HighPower USB can be installed in any OE unit and offers a compact solution for charging devices. The world is your oyster in terms of specification: For example, OE Power units can be In-surface, Below Surface and Above Surface, they are available with a range of specifications and finishes – plus units can be specified with a range of international power, USB charging and data/AV sockets, plus switches, fuses and mini circuit breaker. More about OE Products One of the most impressive elements of OE products is their visual uniqueness. Whilst most of their products are available in a standard black or white, there are many products which can offer a whole new dimension to an environment’s look and feel – including their fun Panda and Pulse products – both available in 8 vibrant colours. For more information on the full range of OE Electrics products available from Switch Electrical Solutions, just call the Sales team on 01 452 4182. Paul Noonan of Switch Electrical Solutions introduces us to the world of OE Electrics.