Electric.ie March/April 2023

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 29 AP Haslam's Perforex machine from Rittal, adds speed and efficiency of their workshop when it comes to supplying enclosures for industrial and hazardous areas. The Perforex BC 1007 HS extends their comprehensive range of bespoke solutions for panel builders and switchgear engineering through key machining and handling technologies. The machine enables hours of production work to be completed with increased speed, reducing the preparation time with its sophisticated software and preinstalled panel drawings. As well as the enhanced time savings, Perforex delivers increased accuracy and reduced waste with its CNC precision-capabilities. Mark Tyson, AP Haslams Workshop Manager says “The Perforex machine is extremely precise, and can be used for drilling, thread tapping and milling. Having this capability is a big leap forward and has helped us expand our customer offering". With up to 20 tools in the magazine for operations Perforex can handle panels up to 3400×1700 mm and since programming is faster than manual marking, the system provides obvious advantages from big batches to a single item production. AP Haslam AP Haslam _ Service and Efficiency ‒AP Haslam's Perforex machine cuts down on time and increases accuracy. Dimensions of clampable cubic parts (W x H x D): 1400 x 1600 x 1600 mm. The workshop in AP Haslams can offer the following. • Automated, versatile, fast machining of enclosure panels and housings. • Fast, simple machining of nearly all compact and large enclosures. • Flexibility of small batch runs saved to the system for repeat work. Pro tability and process acceleration from a batch size of just 1. • Accept customer die-cut drawings or can measure to create custom cut-out. • A 'cut on demand' service. • The smooth cut nish on the metal minimises the risk of laceration when running your nger along the cut edge. • Save time and get enclosures supplied 'pre-cut' and ready to work with. • Versatile drilling and milling, capable of handling all machinable materials, including spray- nished sheet steel and stainless steel as well as aluminium, copper and plastic. • Accelerate your throughput times when machining anything from the smallest enclosures and enclosure panels, through to large enclosures. So if you want to save waiting time on finished box delivery, why not test AP Haslams turn-around time. 01453 2522 Control & Signalling from AP Haslam s High performance IP66/69K switching for severe environments s Outdoor machinery & industries subject to high humidity and dust s Greatest protection from high-pressure/ temperature sprays and submersion s Wide range of options for further customization s Talk to us about your requirements APH BACO Ad Third Page (IRE) PRINT 29/06/2018 15:50 Page 1 sales@aphaslam.ie