Electric.ie March/April 2023

56 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • The manufacturer completed the project for Simplastic - a thermoplastic component supplier whose products are used in such companies as French cookware brand Tefal. The Portuguese rm built a new production facility with large production halls and needed an automatic lighting control that would help them save on energy costs. Simplastic required a lighting control solution that would enable them to have different brightness values depending on the area. In the injection moulding and inspection area, for example, higher brightness values were needed than in the assembly section. In the storage area, however, a lower brightness value could be used. Therefore, it was clear to Simplastic that a control system with DALI occupancy detectors would be best option. Simplastic has four large zones in the production hall, which are divided into further areas. Each sub-area and the associated groups can be controlled manually by staff and also centrally (via PC and push-button). In addition, a night mode is required in which some luminaires are switched on at 20 per cent. In order to be able to centrally override devices, several devices have to be networked which was made possible thanks to the corresponding lighting control system. It's fantastic for Simplastic as B.E.G. deliver daylight dependent energy-saving lighting solution The B.E.G. DALI-SYS solution is a modular, networkable system that can be scaled as required. The components are addressable and operate according to the principle of distributed intelligence where DALI wiring is independent of group formation. This meant that changes could be made quickly and easily without rewiring. With B.E.G. DALI-SYS, rooms, areas or even the entire building could be controlled with standard push-buttons or via PC/ smartphone. B.E.G. provided full technical support that included the individual planning up to the implementation and commissioning in close coordination with the planners and building owners. Paul Jones, Sales Director of UK & Ireland at B.E.G said: “Due to the location in the south of Europe, a lot of daylight can be utilised and a lot of energy can be saved. Occasionally, daylight can falsify the light measurement. At Simplastic, it was quickly recognised that the light measurement was affected by the upper side windows on the south side. “In the afternoon, the sun shines obliquely through the windows onto the B.E.G. sensors and falsi es the light measurement. Only a fraction of the daylight reaches the oor. A solution was quickly found. With the help of the calendar function, the detectors were blocked between 3pm and 8pm and so they no longer control the light. Before the detector is blocked, it can send one last signal. In order to approach the desired lux value of 500, the signal is sent to the luminaires to dim to 80 per cent.” To meet the demands of a modern building, the B.E.G. lighting control system is fully compatible with a PC, tablet or smartphone. B.E.G. also provided Simplastic with a full 2D ‒Lighting controls specialist B.E.G. has implemented its DALI-SYS daylight-dependent lighting control into a new 10,000 sqm production facility in Portugal. Industry News