Electric.ie March/April 2023

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 57 The new generation of DALI compact occupancy detectors  Occupancy detectors with integrated DALI application controller  DALI-2 certified products DA  More mounting flexibility  New app and logic functions 01 280 7205 connor@marlinent.ie beg-luxomat.com  New installation functions  Optimised range For energy-efficient lighting control Rittal Industry News visualisation plan so that IT staff, foreman and other staff have the option of controlling luminaires or viewing the lighting control status at any time. Mr Jones said: “B.E.G. has decades of experience in daylight-dependent lighting control. In the beginning, there was 1-10 V technology, which has now been superseded by DALI technology. DALI technology is a BUS system that was originally developed for luminaires and is the de nition for a standardised digital control gear interface. This standard guarantees the compatibility and interchangeability of control gear from different manufacturers in a lighting system. “With daylight-dependent control or constant lighting control, the bene t of natural daylight is maximised. For optimum lighting conditions, only as much arti cial light is switched on as is needed to achieve the desired brightness level. If the proportion of natural daylight changes, the proportion of arti cial light also changes automatically. This saves energy in addition to the presencedependent control and was the ideal system for Simplastic.” For more information about B.E.G. visit: https://www.beg-luxomat.com/en/