Electric.ie Magazine May/June 2023

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 31 Schneider Electric Industry proven mid-market products that offer fast and easy installation, safe and reliable circuit protection, and fewer connections Schneider Electric’s I-Line Panelboards, KQ Loadcentre distribution boards, Resi9 final circuit protection, along with Lisse wiring accessories are now available from all major Irish distributors. These support commercial installations for businesses, residential buildings, schools and public buildings, and high-end property installations . Ranges all include high levels of safe circuit protection for overloads, earth faults and short circuits . The ‘out of the box’ products are ready to install to ensure speed of installation and use a set of fewer, reliable terminations. This reduces installation time and saves time during routine electrical installation checks. In addition, the facility to include metering equipment housed within the distribution boards provides visibility of where energy is used and potentially wasted. Now available as exible and scalable solutions designed to meet the unique speci cations for small and medium buildings, these products are perfect for electrical contractors involved with residential to light commercial installations, where reliability, safety, and value for money are critical. i-Line Panel Boards Available in three ratings (250A, 400A, and 630A) with different size options allowing single and triple pole devices to be selected as outgoing options. Suitable for both industrial and commercial installations and compliant with building regulations, the units are prefabricated and can be mounted ‒ As a leader in energy management, Schneider Electric are proud to offer a suite of electrical distribution products for Light Commercial applications. quickly . The i-Line plug-on system makes it simple to install and t correctly with reliable connections so that the board is ready for cabling. Safe circuit protection is standard on all i-Line products. Metering The PowerLogic PM5000 series power meters are the new benchmark in affordable, precision metering. It is the ideal t for high-end cost management applications, providing the measurement capabilities needed to allocate energy usage, perform tenant metering and sub-billing, pin-point energy savings, optimise equipment ef ciency and utilisation. As well as perform a high-level assessment of the power quality in an electrical network. Easy9 Plus, Compact and Multirow. Consumer Units The new Resi9 range of consumer units from Schneider Electric provide arguably the highest levels of residential circuit protection safety. With a wide range of modular devices from, RCD’s, MCB’s & RCBO’s complimented by a two mod wide SPD with embedded protection, Resi9 can provide continuity of supply in the event of any electrical fault. The enclosure also comes with 35% more space under the rails than the average unit available in the market, giving better access for the electrician to install and manage cables. Lisse Wiring Devices Lisse provides a fully comprehensive range of wiring devices offering the perfect choice. This includes white moulded, screwless decorative metal plate and a fully IP66 weatherproof range. Not only designed to fully complement the environment with its subtle curved pro le, Lisse wiring accessories incorporate many installer friendly and time saving features. With modular grid solutions for more demanding applications, Lisse is the ideal application for both residential and light commercial applications.