Electric.ie Magazine May/June 2023

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 51 Phoenix Contact Reliably protect DC applications against surge voltages As the number of DC applications continues to increase, more and more system operators are also using direct current with 650 to 750 V DC in industrial applications. In addition to electromobility, direct current is also used for battery storage systems. These systems lose valuable energy if they first have to convert the energy fed in from wind turbine generators or photovoltaic systems. Applications with direct current also require reliable protection against surge voltages caused by lightning currents or even switching operations. The surge protective devices speci cally developed for these applications Lightning and surge protective devices with innovative carbon spark gap technology The FLT-MB devices with 25 kA protect against lightning currents of lightning protection level I/II. What’s special about these compact devices is that they are capable of handling multiple lightning pulses in an overall width of just 72 mm. The high performance of the surge protective devices is made possible by the innovative triggered carbon spark gap technology. The spacesaving design results in easier installation and more flexible installation options in the control cabinet. ‒ The new Flashtrab-MB lightning and surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact are based on innovative triggered carbon spark gap technology. In addition to the already released 12.5 kA versions, the portfolio now also includes version for a discharge capacity of 25 kA. These protective devices are particularly suitable for exposed heights, such as in the telephone industry. However, industrial applications also bene t from the robust design, as it offers high system availability. The FLT-MB product family includes items in 1+1, 3+0, and 3+1 circuit versions and is therefore suitable for the various supply system con gurations. The product versions with optional remote indication contact round off the portfolio. ‒ The goal of the All Electric Society is a world in which sufficient energy is available from renewable resources. Electrification is the first step towards achieving this. The new VAL-MB-T2-750DC and VAL-MB-T2-1000DC type 2 surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact provide support here. provide reliable protection at high voltages. Depending on the system voltage, a suitable solution is available for various applications in the form of these two versions: VAL-MBT2-750DC and VAL-MB-T21000DC. They can be used at altitudes up to 6,000 m above mean sea level. A mechanical/ visual status indicator provides information about the status of the protective device. The integrated remote signaling also enables integration into the control room. The compact space-saving design is thus suitable for installation in con ned spaces.