Electric.ie Magazine May/June 2023

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 55 The new generation of DALI compact occupancy detectors  Occupancy detectors with integrated DALI application controller  DALI-2 certified products DA  More mounting flexibility  New app and logic functions 01 280 7205 connor@marlinent.ie beg-luxomat.com  New installation functions  Optimised range For energy-efficient lighting control Rittal Industry News the background so that the lighting is automatically switched and dimmed, the room temperature and the cooling capacity is reduced when rooms are not in use. At B.E.G., we have seen schools, for example, use lighting control sensors make energy savings of up to 50 per cent in a classroom, up to 60 per cent in a main hall and up to 80 per cent in student washrooms. Lighting controls can also be good for health too. In 2017, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) was introduced – this is a wellness multi-sensor which designed to control lighting based on time, presence and circadian rhythm with a ‘tuneable white function’. This works by adjusting the colour temperature over a 24-hour period from warm white to daylight white and the illumination intensity from 500 to 1500 lux. The results, which have been scienti cally proven, show improved human biological responses for enhanced concentration, alertness, and performance. Overall, the foundation of any intelligent lighting design is that it integrates all human needs so that it cultivates a stimulating learning environment. With schools under pressure to be more environmentallyfriendly and cut costs due to soaring energy and electricity bills – incorporating controls also provides the educational facility with substantial energy savings too. www.beg-luxomat.com https://www.beg-luxomat.com/en/