Electric.ie Magazine May/June 2023

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 9 Rittal Siemens humidity, CO2, noise, light, VOC, and ne dust (PM2.5). These environmental factors are required to be tracked to meet building certi cations such as WELL, FITWEL and LEED. The multi sensor has a digital display which enables the building occupants to know what the actual conditions are. It can either be used as a wired or wireless device. The wired option allows the connection via the standard communication BACnet to a BMS controller. The wireless option uses the LoRaWan protocol to connect to other IOT devices. The sensor can be applied to both existing and new buildings, the wireless option makes it ideal for retro ts. More wireless sensors will be available shortly. The key then is what to do with this data. We have a range of control options. Connect Box offers an IOT solution. It connects all your devices in your building whether wired or IOT leveraging multiple industry standard protocols including LoRaWan, BACnet, M-Bus and many more. Data can then be taken to an existing BMS or a cloud application. Our Desigo BMS system is the integrated building management platform for managing highperforming buildings. With its open design, it has been developed to create comfortable, safe, and ef cient facilities. It is easily scalable from simple single-discipline systems to fully integrated buildings. The Desigo PXC controllers achieve high performing control of buildings. Designed to reduce the energy consumption of building plants, the Desigo PXC controllers enable you to integrate different protocols with no need of additional hardware or software. Our GAMMA system uses the KNX protocol and controls both HVAC and lighting It helps to reduce system complexity and create the ideal solution for perfect indoor conditions with reliable, easy to install products. Key to system performance is user operation. We offer attractive user interfaces including the Touch TC5 which won the KNX product award 2022. Its elegant design, intuitive operation and customisation options provide an all-in-one operation unit. So, when looking how best to manage your building don’t let the size of it put you off. Smart buildings don’t have to be big, complex, and expensive they just need to deliver the best possible environment for the people that use them. And Siemens Building Products can be your single source to deliver the products that meet these requirements. For more details contact Howard Wilson Email: howardwilson@siemens.com www.siemens.com/comfort Tel: +353 (86) 031 8480