AEW to host the first ever AEW Awards Lunch on Wednesday 11th May

A Date for the Diary: Wednesday the 11th May at the Clayton Hotel, Liffey Valley.

The Association of Electrical Wholesalers (AEW) have announced that they are to hold the first ever AEW Awards event on Wednesday the 11th May at the Clayton Hotel in Liffey Valley.

The main focus of the lunch will be to recognise and celebrate the best performers in the staff training programme as well as the WEEE recycling initiative. It will also be a great opportunity for all electrical wholesalers across the country to come together and renew old relationships that have sadly been interrupted by COVID over the last couple of years.

The staff training awards and the WEEE recycling awards will be distributed across the six groups that form the AEW – CEF, Edmundsons, Fegime, IEBG, Kellihers and the Independents with 4 awards altogether per group.

The Staff Training Awards
The staff training awards will reward the best learner in each group as well as the runner-up with points being awarded for the results achieved in each individual module – a distinction earns 3 points, a credit earns 2 points and a pass earns 1 point. 

The more modules that a learner completes and the better the results achieved in each module will determine who wins the awards.

There will also be an award for the best overall learner from across all members groups. 

The WEEE Recycling Awards
The WEEE Recycling awards will reward the best branch in each group and also the most improved branch in each group.

There will also be an overall winner from across all members of the AEW.

Ken Legros, AEW Administrator

“I am delighted to confirm that both Margaret Fitzsimons, CEO of the EDA in the UK and Leo Donovan CEO of WEEE Ireland will be joining us for the awards ceremony” says Ken Legros, AEW Administrator. “The AEW is extremely lucky to be associated with these two fantastic organisations and we are very grateful to them for their support.”

For further information on the awards lunch please contact
Ken Legros
or 085-2072761.

Leo Donovan, CEO of WEEE Ireland
Margaret Fitzsimons, CEO of EDA