Metcollect – Turn your cable into cash!

Focusing on doing what is right for the environment isn’t always easy. Ensuring old cable is recovered and getting the best price is a case in point for many contractors.

Metcollect Limited changes that. Established four years ago by a former electrical contractor who became frustrated with the amount of time and effort required to achieve the best price for scrap cable, the company created an effective, hassle-free system that not only collects your scrap cable, but has expanded its collections to include aluminium and other metals.

As the largest cable recycler in Ireland, Metcollect offers the best prices for scrap copper cable in the country, coupled with a fast and efficient collection service.

Electrical contractors can also benefit from a cable drum recycling service which includes free collection.
Metcollect Limited has a fleet of collection vehicles, state of the art processing facilities and a fully automated payment system to pay you quickly once your scrap cable have been collected.

Geoff Angus, Managing Director of Metcollect Limited, explained, “I understand the increasing costs to get rid of scrap metal and cable. You can spend a lot of time phoning around to find the best prices from scrap merchants, then there is the lost working time to actually get it there, and that is time that could be better spent on more important tasks. We ensure you get the best prices and better still, we even collect it. You can have a variety of collection containers on site or in your service yard, whichever works for you, and we can arrange regular, scheduled collections or just wait on a notification from you. Again, you’re in control. This all means you can focus on getting your project finished or getting that latest tender completed.”

Geoff added, “Of course, the most important aspect of all this is payment. Firstly, we guarantee to beat any price for scrap cable. Then, once we have collected the scrap cable, we process payments quickly, with money going straight into your bank account, onto a pre-paid card which gives you cash from an ATM or we can even make payments to PayPal.”

“We have put considerable investment into the technology and systems that we use. This means you can view and change your payment information at any time while also being able to access your payment history and waste transfer notes. We also provide you with real time updates on the time of your collection and you can do all of this from your phone.”

In just four short years, Metcollect has quickly become firmly established in Ireland. The company has over 750 customers and specializes in M&E contractors, with five collection vehicles travelling throughout Ireland every day.

“It is a simple concept, but one that makes sense,” added Geoff. “We work extremely hard behind the scenes to keep it as simple and as effective for our customers as possible. The service we provide and our integrity has been extemely popular with electrical contractors. We regularly work on major sites collecting scrap cable from electrical contractors and other scrap metal from mechanical and building contractors, keeping everyone on site happy!”

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