New Tool Holders Enhance Efficiency and Workflow for Electricians

Garrett Rooney of Remi Tools talks about his Innovative Tool Storage Solutions.

Garrett Rooney of Remi Tools has introduced a new tool storage solution specifically designed to enhance the efficiency of fuse board installations. These innovative products save time by keeping tools readily accessible to the installer, improving workflow and accelerating the job. With tools positioned directly in front, installers can maintain focus on connections without needing to look away, significantly boosting overall efficiency. “Our goal was to create a system that minimises distractions and maximises productivity,” Garrett explained.

Garrett, who has 25 years of experience as an electrician, developed this solution out of frustration from constantly searching for tools in pockets or atop ladders, often dropping them in the process. The need to concentrate on live, neutral, and earth connections without distraction inspired him to create a system that would streamline fuse board installations.

The tool holders feature a patent-pending connection that attaches directly to the DIN rail, a unique aspect not seen in existing products. They provide ample storage space for all necessary tools during fuse board work, with funneled sections for screwdrivers that allow for easy storage and quick access without looking. The design prioritises quick mounting and ease of use, positioning tools ideally for immediate access.

Extensive testing over two years, including feedback from various contractors working on projects like the National Children’s Hospital, has been overwhelmingly positive. Electricians praised the efficiency and practicality of the tool holders, often regretting they hadn’t thought of the idea themselves. “Hearing such positive feedback from my peers is incredibly rewarding,” said Garrett. Trade shows and ETB training center presentations also highlighted significant interest, with one center purchasing 42 sets for their cubicles.

Constructed from durable PA6 nylon plastic, similar to many professional tools, these tool holders are stress-tested for long-lasting reliability in demanding environments. Trials have shown that using these holders can save over 25 minutes on a typical two-hour fuse board installation. Electricians reported neater installations and found it challenging to return to previous methods after using the tool holders, underscoring the significant gains in efficiency and productivity.

Looking ahead, Garrett aims to have a display box of these innovative products in every electrical wholesaler in Ireland by the end of the year. Positive discussions with distributors and electrical wholesalers indicate strong market interest, ensuring widespread availability and accessibility for electricians nationwide.