NSAI hold special event for IEC 1906 Award Winners

A ceremony was held to congratulate three Irish award winners of the IEC 1906 Award as the transition of ETCI committees to the NSAI ETC is completed.

Minister of State for Training, Skills, Innovation, Research and Development, John Halligan TD presented the prestigious IEC 1906 European Awards to three individuals for exceptional achievement at a recent event in the Helix. The event was to mark the transition of the ETCI committees to the NSAI ETC.

The 1906 Award commemorates the IEC’s year of foundation and honours experts around the world whose work is fundamental to the IEC. The Award also recognizes exceptional and recent achievement.

The first award was given to John Fitzgerald for his work in TC18 the marine, energy wave and other water current converters. Peter Kelleher of TC 11 received the 2nd award. Peter has done great work in the area of safety of electronic equipment. The third award went to Abhishek Ramanujan for his contribution on electromagnetic emissions.

On presenting the awards Minister Halligan said “I want to congratulate and thank you for all your hard work over many years, which has long been recognised internationally. Now you will have the certificates to prove it! “

John McAuley the chairman of the new ETC (Electro-Technical Committee) talked about the history of the ETCI, how it started and spoke about the many individuals that contributed along the way. People like Dr Ron Kirkham, Keane Harley, Tony O’Doherty, Frank Farrell, Noel O’Riordan, Jim Keogh and many others.

Geraldine Larkin CEO of the National Standards Authority of Ireland said it was a night about looking back and celebrating the past but also about the future. The transition from the ETCI to the NSAI ETC has been completed, and that now, as the custodian of the wiring rules, it is an exciting new beginning for the sector.