RFE & NOARK New MCCB’s Ex9M SU20 with electronic trigger

Ex9M SU20S:
  • RFE introduce Noark’s new electronic series of Ex9M SU20 MCCB family. 

NOARK is introducing the new electronic series to the Ex9M SU20 family. The new additions in our portfolio are the Ex9M SU20S and Ex9M SU20L controllers with electric triggers, providing our customers with simpler parameter configuration solutions. 

First, let’s discuss the basic differences between the model Ex9M SU20S (LCD display) and Ex9M SU20L (DIP switches) 

Ex9M SU20S:

One of the most significative advantages of the SU20S
(pic 1) controller is its LCD display which eases the monitoring and maintenance of the installation. Showing relevant information such as the measured current on each phase of the breaker as well as other important information. Among the advanced functionality of this controller, is that the fault-tripping history can be found. It records the last 3 fault events and specifies the details of the failure, overload, short circuits, ground faults as well as the values of such events. 

This LCD display will allow an easier, clearer and more accurate commissioning of the device since it has a higher adjusting resolution and increased range of configuration of the parameters.

Ex9M SU20L:

Ex9M SU20L series (pic 2) are electronic circuit breakers designed for applications that does not require the higher technical functionality, but still demands accuracy and the robustness of electronic evaluation principle with the best investment efficiency.

The user interface of the SU20L series is composed of notification lights and DIP switches.

Ex9M SU20L:

These DIP switches will allow the configuration of the protective parameters of the circuit breakers. The DIP switches are organized according to the parameter that they are related to, for example: long overload current, long overload delay, short overload current etc.

Inside of each group of DIP switches is a legend that shows the available DIP ON/OFF combinations and the value of each combination expressed as a percentage of the maximum range of the parameter. This system makes the configuration of the circuit breaker easy and intuitive.

The LED lights in the interface of the controller will show the status of the breaker depending on which light is activated. The yellow and red lights will help to recognize if there is an abnormal situation in the power grid and which will show the severity level.

In the case of the SU20L this information is stored, but this is not normally accessible. It can be read by the special communication interface only.

Technical parameters/Frame size:

The frame construction of all NOARK’s MCCB’s are the same (electric / thermo-magnetic / switch disconnectors, AC or DC). It allows you to swap accessories from one series to another. It relates to the external accessories such as connection devices/accessories, and also to the internal accessories that are going to be installed such as trip unit, under voltage release unit. These electronic types are available from M2 size up to M6. The M2 frame size offers current range up to 250A. Frame sizes M3 and M4 up to 630A. Frame size M5 up to 800A and frame size M6 up to 1600A. 

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