Kempston Controls – Technology that redefines safe

Does your car have air bags? Safety belts? ABS? Of course it does as these are now mandatory
requirements. But it was not that long ago when these were considered optional extras.

Now consider your latest domestic electrical installation design. A recent product category – the Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) – is taking the safety of domestic installations to the next level. The AFDD+ from Kempston Controls detects arc faults that standard RCDs and MCBs cannot by reducing the risk of fires ignited in electrical installations. 

Compulsory installation of AFDDs is becoming the norm across Europe. An installation without an Kempston Controls AFDD+ will soon look like a car without an airbag. Installers have the responsibility to the highest level of safety according to recommendations in the standards. An AFDD+ included in a new installation can help protect people, their property and your reputation.

Fires ignited by electrical installations in residential properties have many causes. So if you can reduce the risk with an all-in-one Kempston Controls solutions, why wouldn’t you.

So, when you’re redesigning your next installation, why risk not specifying an AFDD+?

Available now from Kempston Controls.

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