AP Haslam Limited: A Legacy of Quality in Industrial Electrical Components

L to R: Jorge, Cormac, John, Tim, Colm, Piotr, Keith, David, Leon, Rebecca, Graham, Mark, Bernard, Pat, Louise and Corina. Absent: Joe, Wioletta, Marlena, Eamon, Dean, Gamze, Richie and Seán.

For over seven decades, AP Haslam Limited has remained a steadfast pillar in the electrical industry, providing top-quality, reliable electrical components to a wide spectrum of sectors, including the Industrial, Commercial, and Hazardous Area Industry. The company’s remarkable journey is a testament to its enduring commitment to quality and innovation.

The Origin of a Vision

The AP Haslam story takes us back to 1945, to the vibrant streets of Dublin’s Gardiner Street. It was in this era, characterised by the emergence of rural electrification as a transformative technology, that Alphonsus P Haslam ventured into the world of electrical business. The company’s initial focus was on the sale of Lindner fuses and porcelain fuse caps, a modest beginning that would soon evolve into a comprehensive product range, including cookers and accessories.

Right from its inception, AP Haslam recognised the significance of sourcing quality brands such as Lindner and Prestige. In the 1940s and 1950s, quality played a pivotal role in earning the trust of customers. This dedication to quality products continued over the years, with AP Haslam becoming distributors for renowned brands like Weidmüller, WISKA, and Mersen, a partnership that has flourished for over five decades.

A Journey of Growth

As the business expanded, so did the city of Dublin. With the shift of established building industry names to the suburbs, AP Haslam embarked on an upward trajectory. Their next significant move was to Dublin 12, where they continue to operate from to this day. The second generation of the Haslam family, led by Paul Haslam, took the reins of the company and began providing bespoke solutions through their Workshop, marking a significant milestone as the first provider of certified Atex solutions.

Today’s Triumphs

AP Haslam. Premises in Sunshine Industrial Estate in Dublin 12.

Fast forward to today, AP Haslam stands as a prominent player in the industry, employing over 20 dedicated professionals, with five team members each boasting more than 30 years of invaluable service and experience. This wealth of product knowledge and “know-how” is what sets them apart. The Workshop at AP Haslam continues to create tailor-made solutions for the electrical and construction industry, producing earth bars, combination units, terminal junction boxes, and trace heating designs, among other specialised products.

The Workshop’s expertise extends to a full range of EX enclosures and accessories for hazardous areas, as an approved third-party assembler for Weidmüller. They excel in providing customised EX solutions, leveraging their application expertise and industry experience.

The acquisition of AllCables has further enriched AP Haslam’s product line, expanding their services to professional electrical businesses. Based in the AP Haslam Workshop, AllCables offers a wide range of bespoke manufactured cable solutions, from simple patch leads to comprehensive fiber optic cabling.

In recent years, the company has also ventured into providing LED lights for industrial and hazardous environments, an intricate field where safety and standards are paramount. AP Haslam’s experience in this domain is unparalleled. Their experienced Lighting Designers work closely with customers and site plans to determine precise requirements.

Keith Haslam now represents the third generation of the family managing the business, and their expansion efforts continue with the acquisition of the Rittal Perforex BC1007 machine, enabling drilling, milling, cutouts, threaded and clearance entries with increased speed and precision.

From humble beginnings in 1945, AP Haslam Limited has evolved into one of the country’s most enduring and respected electrical suppliers. Their commitment to longstanding partnerships with quality suppliers, combined with their expert Workshop capabilities and Atex expertise, ensures that they remain at the forefront of the industry.

As the market continues to evolve, AP Haslam remains as dedicated as ever to staying up to speed with new developments and expanding their knowledge base. Their core focus remains unwavering – providing their customers with a professional, personalised service and delivering on their promises. In the ever-changing world of industrial electrical components, AP Haslam Limited is a beacon of stability, quality, and innovation.