Doherty Electrical Wholesale Sparks New Opportunities in Roscrea

(L to R:) Walter Power with Leona O'Brien and Antoin Doherty.

Roscrea, a charming town in the heart of Ireland, has just welcomed a new player to its electrical industry scene with the opening of Doherty Electrical Wholesale. 

This venture has emerged as an expansion of the highly respected Doherty Hardware, sharing adjacent premises. Led by the visionary principal, Antoin Doherty, the day-to-day operations are deftly managed by industry expert Walter Power, ensuring a seamless transition into the electrical wholesale realm. Handling the crucial administrative and accounting facets is Leona O’Brien, whose precision and attention to detail is paramount.

Doherty Electrical Wholesale’s inventory is nothing short of impressive, boasting an array of renowned brands such as Noark, Farho Heating, Source Lighting, IDH, CESCO, Click, ATC, Unitrunk, Hensel, Ansell, Ei Electronics, Robus, Ledburn Cables, MSS, Spectrum and many more. The establishment of this wholesaler was born out of a genuine need to provide the electrical industry professionals in Roscrea and its surrounding regions with easy access to quality electrical products. 

They proudly serve the midlands, Tipperary, Laois, Offaly, and beyond, fostering a sense of reliability and convenience for industry insiders. As the electrical industry continues to thrive, Doherty Electrical Wholesale steps in as a trusted partner, ready to cater to the unique needs of professionals in the region, and we look forward to witnessing their growth and contributions to the industry.