Cu-flex conductors ensure a prompt and professional execution of electrical connections

  • CUBIC offers an innovative range of type-tested, reinforced, insulated, and versatile copper busbars.

The busbars are supplied ready for use! This means that you do not have to spend time on shortening, stripping wires, making holes, or complicated bends, nor invest in expensive special tools.

Cu-flex is made of copper wires that are inter-woven ensuring a total flexible busbar. By the use of a patented technique, the ends of the busbars are forged to a solid piece, thus eliminating the risk of loose connections between busbar and cable shoes. Simultaneously a well-defined contact surface is obtained, making it possible to have maintenance-free connections.

The Cu-flex insulation is a chapter by itself. First of all it corresponds to reinforced insulation (same degree of protection as double insulation) and can therefore be used as non-protected conductor. Secondly it is non-flammable, no dioxins are involved, so it is non-polluting, and it is able to withstand a continuous temperature of 120oC, which makes it possible to load the busbars with relatively high voltages.

Cu-flex has been type-tested by KEMA, Holland, in various modes of use, such as connection between distribution busbars and functional units. KEMA has issued a certificate for the tested results.

These results form part of the detailed, accessible Cu-flex documentation.

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