Graphic Operation Terminals (GOTs) provide “Wider“ choices, offering more comfortable Machine Handling

Mitsubishi Electric has launched two new Graphic Operation Terminals (GOTs), which come as the latest addition to its GOT2000 Series Wide Model lineup. The 12.1-inch widescreen models, which feature narrow bezels and come in frame colors of smart silver (GT2512-WXTSD) or cool black (GT2512-WXTBD), will help meet customers’ needs for a wider screen to show more information in factory, process, utility and other automation applications.

The two new GOTs further enhance the impressive GOT2000 series of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI). The ability to display additional visual information gives users of the  widescreen HMIs the opportunity to enhance machine operability and the potential to increase productivity. Other valuable features include two separate Ethernet ports and a built-in sound output interface that can be used for spoken alerts or information.

These widescreen GOTs are also ready to support remote connection in cases where user access may be restricted. Remote connection functions such as SoftGOT enable remote maintenance via access to the local GOT screen while operators can obtain live data using GOT Mobile. 

Remote monitoring and more standards:
Along with all of the standard functions of the existing GT range, the GOT2000 widescreen HMIs offer remote monitoring capabilities with the VNC server function. By remotely connecting to the GOT from a personal computer or tablet, users can monitor and operate production equipment and connect to system devices. Additional functions on GOT models include GOT Drive, enabling start-up, adjustment and maintenance of servo systems directly through the GOT. Stylish and compact, with a narrow bezel, both new GOT models witness the trend for future Mitsubishi Electric operator panels.

The GT21 is a 7” widescreen Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT) offering WVGA resolution and featuring on-board Ethernet, CC-Link IE Field Basic, RS-232 and RS-422/485 connectivity options. The GT25 is available in both 7” WVGA and 10” WXGA and adds a second Ethernet port for increased flexibility, as well as supporting wireless LAN connectivity. 

The second Ethernet port on the GT25 model enables users to physically separate the connections to the information system network and the control system network. The ability to set different IP addresses for each network helps to promote increased security and safety, and increases network flexibility. 

The GT25 also offers a sound output interface, with built-in speaker and amplifier. This enables the HMI not only to emit audible alarm or alert sounds, but also to play spoken alert messages or operator instructions. Reinforcing the information displayed on the screen, spoken operator instructions can be a key aid in boosting productivity.

The GOT2000 hosts a range of features which offer more comfortable machine handling;

Advanced multi-touch gesture functions
Gesture operation in the GOT provides the ability to perform zoom and scroll in screens and objects. The special analog touchscreen of the GOT enables it to allow multi-touch operation. An industry first, ‘multi-touch gesture’ allows operators to interact intuitively with the terminal, increasing efficiency and visibility. GOT2000 series HMIs deliver tablet-like usability, even when wearing gloves. Screen gestures enable users to easily enlarge

screens for better visualization and easy operation of small switches. After enlarging, users can scroll across the display. Object gestures allow specific objects to be enlarged, scrolled or flicked, including historical data lists, alarm displays, trend graphs and documents. GOT2000 screens also allow two-point pressing, for

simultaneous operation of two switches on important operations – such as ‘interlock release’ and ‘start’. This eliminates the need for external panel hardware.

New Antibacterial, Antiviral Protection Sheets Available as Options for Standard GOTs
In further enhancements to support safe-working practices, there are also new antibacterial, antiviral protection sheets as options for standard GT27 and GT25 GOTs in 12.1, 10.4 and 8.4 inch sizes. These sheets help reduce disinfection work by adopting “SIAA” certified sheets with anti-virus and anti-bacterial features. The sheets, which use RIKEN TECHNOS’ RIKEGUARD®, are proven to inactivate 99.99% of viruses and reduce bacterial growth to less than 1/100, with 10+ years of performance in typical environments.

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