Do you feel completely safe working on switchboards?

CU-flex connections

You should! Not only does switchboard solutions designed in the CUBIC Modular System provide a reliable power distribution. It also protects both switchgear and humans.

Since our founding in 1973 safety for both humans and equipment has been paramount to us. High safety no matter if it is a small home distribution board up to 250A or a large solution up to 6300A to the electrical industry.

Consequently, today CUBIC is considered one of the safest and most thoroughly tested solutions available. This coupled with the ease of assembling a solution, that adhere to the demands in the IEC/EN 61439 standard and is tested to all main switchgear manufacturer.

Tests, tests and more tests!
The modular system and its assemblies are continuously tested in accordance with the demands in the IEC 61439 standard. However, At CUBIC we do not let our own assertions stand alone. Instead, we allow all our tests to be carried out by independent bodies such as DEKRA / KEMA. This ensures complete transparency and full confidence in the tests carried out. This allows you to feel completely safe in working on a CUBIC switchboard.

With the modular system you at the same time get a system, that has been verified together with a wide range of manufacturer’s equipment such as Schneider, ABB, Siemens, Terasaki, Eaton, Socomec, and Mitsubishi. The wide scope of the testing carried out enables our system assemblers to meet the requirements of the most demanding specification, whist delivering a competitive and safe design solution.

Thorough training secures a high uniform standard
In order to allow all potential CUBIC assemblers to construct panels in the modular system they must complete the CUBIC Global Training Programme. A program, that ensures a common high standard of design and assembly. CUBIC Partners can apply to be recognised as ‘Accredited Assemblers of the CUBIC System’, which serves as a reassurance to end users that the assembler has achieved a competent and consistent level of quality in their use of the system.

CUBIC always strives to ensure the competitiveness of our partners without compromising on the quality of the product. Hence, we continuously come up with solutions and initiatives that enables our partners to present the best possible solutions to the end-user.

Not only safe switchboards – We also provide safe connections
Cu-flex has found applications in various places. Connections between busbar to busbar, busbar to electrical components and between electrical components. An innovative patented forged end of the cu-flex enables a highly and maintenance-free busbar connections. Easy to mount and safe for you to use. Various current ratings & lengths are available.

“Feel completely safe with CUBIC”

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