The secrets to creating successful cleanroom luminaires

Product Developer Torsten Horn demonstrates the chamber used for IP testing.

Product Developer in Glamox, Torsten Horn, shares some insight into the
process of creating the new cleanroom luminaires.

What’s important when designing a cleanroom product?

“With cleanroom products there are a lot of specific requirements and guidelines to consider. This is something we need to deal with from the very beginning of the design process. There are also some very specific features we want to encompass, such as making the product as smooth as possible
with no slits or protruding elements where particles can get stuck. Choosing good materials is equally as essential. The surfaces of a cleanroom luminaire must be able to withstand thorough cleaning over time without deteriorating. Last, but not least it is important to get an enclosed structure.”

Two of the Glamox cleanroom luminaires are certified by Fraunhofer IPA, but what kind of internal test procedures has Glamox carried out?

“In Glamox we are fortunate enough to have our own inhouse laboratory. Highly competent staff and modern equipment allows us to perform almost all relevant tests in an early stage of the product development. Relevant examples for cleanroom products are IP tests that we perform throughout the development process to make sure that the luminaires are sufficiently protected against ingress from dust and water. We also do climatic testing to be certain that the luminaires will perform well in the relevant ambient temperature range and still last the 100,000 hours we want. To achieve the best light distribution, efficiency and glare rating we also do frequent light data simulations.”

Why does Glamox offer three cleanroom products? Isn’t one enough?

“We used to only offer one product that complied to the strictest cleanroom requirements. But we have learned that there are different levels of cleanroom requirements depending on both the industry and the type of room in question. In other words, there’s a difference between cleanrooms at a hospital and cleanrooms in the semi-conductor industry. And there’s a difference between an operating theatre and the adjacent corridor. With the Cleanroom Series we offer three complementary products that each have a wide range of customisation options. This way we are able to supply a complete solution to a project and not only luminaires for the most critical cleanroom areas. “

Besides fulfilling cleanroom requirements, which other benefits do the Glamox cleanroom products offer?

“All three products are supplied with optics of high quality. The optics allows for a high lumen output combined with low glare. The luminaires are also highly energy efficient compared to competing products in this segment. Since we see an increasing demand for Human Centric Lighting and other types of dynamic lighting solutions w eoffer tuneable white and RGB technology as an option. Our cleanroom luminaires are of course also compatible with all our hardwired LMS systems. We have also included a special version of C64-R with anti-ligature properties for prisons and psychiatric institutions.”