Fantasy Lights Celebrate 30 Years

Fantasy Lights — unlimited lighting solutions with comprehensive design advice and full technical support.

In celebrating 30 years (Pearl Anniversary) in business, Fantasy Lights Group can look back over three successful decades of providing engineering-led lighting design, consultancy and advice to specifying professionals, contractors and end-users in both commercial and domestic lighting. Today, more than ever, perhaps the greatest challenge facing specifiers and contractors is explaining to clients the massive choice of lighting now available, how dynamic and vibrant it is thanks to LED technology, and the limitless possibilities it offers.

Fantasy Lights’ unique showrooms — one in Walkinstown and one in Churchtown — solve this problem as they comprise fully-functioning LED displays offering engaging pro-active presentations. Specifiers and contractors can use it to allow their clients to experience the possibilities first hand. A member of the Fantasy Lights Group team will act as your technical guide, supporting your sales proposition and offering appropriate advice to strengthen your client proposal. You can only do so much with pictures and brochures and, no matter how well you talk it up, it is never as effective as the real thing. That’s why we invite you to use our Churchtown store in particular as your very own showroom.

Fantasy Lights Group is also synonymous with Christmas and festive lighting. We are Ireland’s No 1 supplier in this sector and have a dedicated, purpose-designed Christmas/festive showroom at our Walkinstown premises. We offer a comprehensive lighting design, consultancy and advice service to professionals and end-users responsible for festive and decorative lighting, including City Councils, County Councils, local authorities, shopping centre managers, property and facilities managers, retailer groups and architects. This is a fee-based service charged on an hourly rate negotiated and agreed with the client beforehand.

We also provide an all-embracing turn-key service that includes design, consultancy, advice and supply of all fittings and related/associated accessories and equipment. As we are providing the full turn-key service, the fee for the design, consultancy and advice service is waived and provided free of charge.

Where the lighting professionals — architect, consultant or contractor already have their own designs then we are more than happy to provide the appropriate light fittings only.

However, more than anything else, Fantasy Lights Group is about delivering lighting solutions that meet the need of the project/client, and that do so utilising all the benefits of the latest, most up-to-date LED-based lighting technology. To that end nothing is set in stone, we are ultra-professional but also flexible, the overriding priority being to use our extensive experience and vast engineering knowledge to devise the most appropriate solution that is energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing, regulation compliant and simple for the client to manage.

Enlighten — engineering-led LED lighting solutions with full controls suite

Enlighten is the professional and architectural lighting division of Fantasy Lights Group. When it comes to setting the right mood or scene for a particular project, we offer tailored, applications-based solutions that are innovative, energy-efficient, and incorporate the most advanced management control systems on the market. We have over 30 years experience in the field and our designers and engineers work very closely with architects and consultants to devise project-specific solutions.

Our value-driven philosophy is not just about the provision of standard, off-the-shelf products but more about providing bespoke, innovative LED solutions. We treat every project as a unique, stand-alone challenge requiring its own dedicated solution which blends, harmonises and is in sympathy with the ultimate objective of each project. It must also be regulation compliant, energy-efficient, and cost-effective to install and run.
Our supplier relationships are built on 30 years of experience and, as a result, we have developed exclusive partnerships with some of the most innovative lighting companies in the world. Thus, we continually excel in procuring the latest LED lighting products that produce dynamic and industry-leading solutions.

Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures that we provide the best engineering-led solutions incorporating innovative design, friendly service and total quality management throughout all phases of every project. Design is a key element of the service we provide and we have our own in-house design engineers who work closely with the project architect, consulting engineer and contractor to ensure that the benefits and features of the proposed solution are fully understood and implemented by the entire team.

The Enlighten brand is synonymous with premier product quality and service excellence. We are fully accredited to National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) ISO 9001: 2015 and are founding members of Lighting Association of Ireland (LAI). We ensure that the solutions we provide are in compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements, while also achieving excellence in our customer service and delivery.

Enlighten delivers superior products, superior solutions and a superior service experience to clients, the key features being responsibility, accountability and transparency derived through the implementation of our certified quality management system. We scrupulously monitor our performance and engage in cyclical feedback analysis to deliver greater customer satisfaction throughout each stage of our comprehensive service pipeline.

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