Bright Ideas for Garden Lighting this Summer

  • By Shyel Stark, Product Manager at Luceco

As summer approaches, households around Britain are beginning to think about sprucing up their garden and patios, and the addition of outdoor lighting can elevate the refreshed space.

Whether the space is being used to entertain, throw a BBQ or just create a personal sanctuary; the right lighting can add the finishing touches to any garden.

To make this possible, lighting company Luceco has created a handy guide of its best tips and tricks when it comes to lighting up a garden.

1: Solar, so good

Solar Wall Light with PIR

Gone are the days of running metres of cables around the garden; outdoor solar lighting has come a long way in recent years. The installation process is quick and easy, meaning a product like the Solar Wall Light with PIR can be fitted in areas without mains electricity and still brighten up areas that plugs and sockets can’t reach.

2: Less is more

Exterior decorative garden spike light

Rather than lighting up the entire garden, set the scene by choosing to highlight one feature for example, a tree or pathway to guide people in the garden. Luceco’s exterior decorative Garden Spike light has an adjustable head for up lighting and spot lighting, which can help to direct users through garden pathways, as well as creating a different atmosphere at night time.

3: Power to the people

Exterior 15mm weatherproof garden spike socket

For anyone planning to host a garden party this summer, it’s understandable the pressure felt to ensure the garden is in as good as shape as the rest of the home. When bringing a temporary power supply outdoors, the last thing anyone wants is to be attempting to hide messy extension cables. A weatherproof garden spike socket is perfect for taking the party outside with 15 metres of cable, eliminating any untidiness, and more importantly any trip hazards.

4: Out of sight, not out of mind

Fixed stainless steel GU10 wall light

Instead of big, bulky lights that can overpower the atmosphere, fixed stainless steel wall lights look stylish and remain unobtrusive in the garden. To help create a subtle wash of light, wall lights pinpoint light away from the general line of sight and use solutions such as glare cowls and louvres on spotlights to set the scene.

As the summer draws closer, Luceco is encouraging people to transform their outdoor living space to get the most out of their garden.

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