Hanley Automation’s Graduate Programme

Do you have experience working with Automated equipment and want to establish yourself with a recognised qualification? Do you have a working knowledge of PLCs, Scada, HMIs, Mechatronics or proven IT systems?

Hanley Automation are offering a Next Step Programme, allowing those working within the Automation field to further their careers by becoming degree qualified. Our organisation, in partnership with Limerick Institute of Technology and Rockwell Automation have developed a sponsored programme for technical and ambitious individuals looking to enhance their knowledge and progress their education.

Why choose this programme:
Hanley Automation’s unique graduate programme is offered in conjunction with LIT’s B.Eng. Industrial Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship and Rockwell Automation. This programme consists of a 2-year training programme followed by 2 years of full time employment at Hanley subject to successfull academic results.

The initial 2 years will comprise of both project-based work experience and college work based in LIT (please see Training Programme below). The individual will be exposed to a number of projects whilst both working on customer specific projects including: OEE, Historians, Data Analytics Industrial Networks (Manufacturing 4.0) Thin Manager content visualisation projects (including Physical to Virtual deployments) and completing defined modules from Rockwell Automations best in class E-Learning Management System.

This will be in addition to the modules covered in their course work. Through Hanley Automation, the individual will avail of a number of training courses including manufacturing on management systems. During the programme, the individual will be paid an annual salary for this position with full course fees covered by Hanley Automation. A contribution towards accommodation while in LIT will also be included.

The Training Programme: Once the 1st 2 years of the programme (outlined below) is complete, the individual will be awarded a Level 7 Bachelor of Engineering Degree. During this time, the engineer will be assigned a company mentor to ensure they are given the proper training and can develop into a valuable asset for the company.

70% of the time is spent on the job with Hanley Automation and the remaining 30% of the time is spent in LIT completing the required course work. This 30% will be dividided into two 15 week blocks. Contact hours while on the job will take up to 4 hours a week, which can be done at work or in your own time.

While onsite with Hanley Automation, the indidvidual will be guided and supported by an appointed Mentor.
The Mentor will be one of the organisation’s senior engineers and will advise on professional and educational development.

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