Innovative Lighting Systems from Radium

Keep Current with LED Neo Tubes.

T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps consume more than twice as much electric energy versus LED T8 and T5 Neo from Radium. In addition, the EU has banned fluorescent lamps on the market as of August. Since energy experts expect electricity costs to remain at a very high level, switching to energy-efficient light sources is particularly economical right now: You save cash and significantly reduce your Co2 footprint! Sustainable and resource-saving!

Radium has already successfully retro-fitted underground stations, schools, administration buildings and industrial facilities with LED Neo tubes. Little investment, short payback time and easy change using best quality products result in brilliant lighting, happy customers make their points for Radium‘s new product family „LED Neo tube“. 

Dimmable, suitable for emergency power and DALI-capable

By means of external LED driver, Radium LED T8 and T5 Neo tubes may be equipped with functions which characterize modern light management today. This way, Radium LED T8 and T5 Neo outclass all previous retrofit solutions.

When using our DALI 2 drivers, you have all the possibilities that DALI offers, including integration into an IoT network. Whether the lamps should shine brighter or darker in the future can, however, also be set directly via dip switches on the respective driver during installation or even later.

Unlike ordinary LED tubes, Radium LED T8 and T5 Neo are even suitable for installation in emergency power systems with the suitable driver. Radium drivers are suitable because they are DC-capable.

Therefore, your new Radium LED T8 or T5 Neo tube will continue to shine with the same brightness even if the power supply is switched to DC in the event of a power failure.

Safety – approved and with seal

Whether structural fire protection or building insurance – there are many players who watch innovations critically.

We have tested the combinations of LED driver and LED Neo tube in detail. Further, the responsible master electrician will certify the safe and standard-compliant operation of the converted luminaire with LED Neo tubes by the specialist contractor declaration. In addition, the products have been ENEC-certified by TÜV Süd and the safety extra-low voltage (SELV) ensures high operational safety.

The LED advantage against high electricity costs

At the same luminous flux, Radium LED Neo tubes consume about 50% less energy, in some luminaires even up to 80% compared to conventional fluor-escent tubes. Moreover, power consumption can be even reduced further with Radium LED T8 or T5 Neo through efficient light management – via DALI, Push&DIM or by adjusting the luminous flux directly with the dip-switches on the driver.

Sustainable and resource-saving

By choosing Radium LED Neo tubes, you score twice in terms of sustainability: Save around 2,200 kg of waste, as the luminaires are simply re-used and even technically future-proofed.

In addition, lamp and luminaire are not inseparable, which means that in each case of failure it is enough to change only the component that is not working: LED tube, driver or luminaire.

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