Phoenix Contact – 40 years of surge protection

Phoenix Contact is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lightning current arresters and surge protection devices and has been for 40 years.

The power supplies are particularly space-saving due to their narrow overall width and capability of being mounted directly side by side. 

Phoenix Contact developed its first protective devices for signal interfaces back in 1983. The company’s history of surge protection began with the development of the UFB surge voltage barriers. Back then, these devices were already able to limit interference due to inductive and capacitive coupling in signal lines. Just two years later, the first protective devices for mains protection were also introduced. Valvetrab, Plugtrab, and Termitrab are product names that are still available in the portfolio. The technology in these products has always been adapted to the requirements of the time. In 1993, the first spark gaps were developed that were even capable of safely handling the enormous energies of lightning. Now, several evolutionary stages later, even the lightning current arresters are so small and powerful that they clearly surpass the first spark gaps of yesteryear in terms of performance. At the same time, the overall width has been reduced many times over.

Today, Phoenix Contact can offer a suitable solution for every application. A dedicated team, fundamental research in the company’s own high-current laboratory and at universities, and participation in committees paved the way to becoming the technology leader for surge protection and lightning current arresters. Most importantly, systems, buildings, and devices are safely protected – regardless of whether the surge voltages are caused by switching operations or lightning.