Installation time is Money “BIG MONEY”

QUICK-CONNECT by Bals is a screwless connection technology based on the spring-clamp principle giving time savings of up to 70%

Back in 1998, Bals set a new standard as the first company to introduce screwless connection technology. The patented system, which has unbeatable advantages over previously used screw connections, quickly developed into the industry standard.

Today, Bals offers a screwless terminal connection for plugs and sockets even for an amperage of 63A. Also truly unique are the 16A and 32A QUICK-CONNECT phase inverters.

In the opinion of many experts, the QUICK-CONNECT concept, based on the screwless spring-clamp system, is the best-suited system for quickly and easily meeting the various challenges encountered in the wiring and maintenance of industrial plugs and sockets.

  • QUICK-CONNECT is available from 16A 3-pole to 63A 5-pole
  • Screwless connection technology, time savings of up to 70%
  • Faster, more reliable and controlled conductor connection
  • The terminal accepts all types of copper conductors
  • QUICK-CONNECT is maintenance-free, insensitive to shocks, vibrations and temperature fluctuations
  • Colour-coded conductor entry for reliable installation

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