As Irish EV Sales Soar, GARO launches new Rapid DC EV Charging Station

An exciting EV Charging solution has been added to the comprehensive GARO EV Charging range – the DC Rapid Charger. It has been developed to meet the growing requirements for short-stop quick charging as record sales of electric vehicles hit Irish roads. The need to charge on the road is increasing substantially, and GARO wishes to facilitate simple, quick and secure charging for the growing need of charging for longer travel durations.

These chargers feature maximum compatibility as they suit all makes and models of electric vehicles on the market and have been designed to work across the broader European region.

The entire EV Charging range is characterised by its user-friendliness, reliability and sustainability. “The climate debate is a hot topic, and car manufacturers are investing in new electric models. This means that demand for charging these models is increasing. GARO bears a large responsibility for the development of charging opportunities, and with our DC Rapid Charger, we now meet European demands for quick charging at service stations, shopping centres and restaurants, as well as roadside stops,” says Patrik Andersson, President and CEO of GARO.

As a key player in E-mobility, this investment has turned GARO into a complete solution supplier with a product range covering all manner of electric car charging requirements. From wall mounted chargers for home or apartment block charging, to charging stations in public places and roadside rapid chargers.

Armed with this, GARO contributes to managing the climate transition and the set sustainability goals in the transport sector. “the GARO DC Rapid Charger has been developed in Gnosjö, Sweden and is based on many years of experience and knowledge in vehicle charging and charging infrastructure. With development in the Nordic countries, products are developed and tested for maximum robustness to function also in challenging climate conditions. By placing significant focus on DC technology, quality and sustainable choices, we have set the direction for the future,”says Orvar Hurtig, Head of Product Area E-mobility, GARO Electric.