ITDS-200 from Ventilux

An unobtrusive remote mass screening intelligent body temperature detection system.

Historical lessons have taught us that early detection of elevated body temperature is a fundamental first step toward identifying people who may be ill. However traditional front-line methods of temperature detection are slow and increase the risk of close contact monitoring increasing the risk of cross infection.

The ITDS-200:

An unobtrusive remote mass screening intelligent body temperature detection system using the latest sensor technology.

Can easily be deployed at entrances to public buildings and remotely scan forehead temperatures for multi entrants. 

Non-contact and non-invasive the ITDS-200 offer real time intelligent identification and tracking of people with abnormal temperatures. 

The ITDS-200 can detect and process the forehead temperature for up to 200 individuals within a temperature accuracy of 0.5C

Long range temperature detection has historically been plagued by false negative readings with individuals wearing hats, scarves or masks. The ITDS-200 system overcomes this problem with advanced AI intelligent temperature detection.

This means the system takes multiple temperature readings and detection is determined by these key point measurements using an infrared temperature lattice analysis algorithm of the image. The system is able to detect the person’s forehead temperature in a certain area, even if wearing a hat, scarf or mask.

AI infrared binocular thermal imaging system supports remote connection browsing and centralised management software through a PC or Laptop. The collected temperature data information is transmitted to the back-end monitoring management for storage for further analysis and traceability through a non/wired network

When a person whose body temperature exceeds a certain threshold, the system will issue alerts in seconds and provide face image information to help staff take timely and effective safety measures.

This makes the ITDS-200 a front-line prevention system for airports, railway stations, schools, offices and factories to efficiently screen and limit contact with potentially infected people.
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