PRYSMIAN – One Company – Three leading commercial brands

In 2020, Precision Cables will celebrate 40 years of developing the Prysmian brand in Ireland, from its beginnings as Pirelli General through a number of acquisitions and rebranding strategies to its current position as Prysmian Group. This brand is now the umbrella group for 3 cable brands worldwide with $11 Billion turnover – Prysmian, Draka and General Cables.

Prysmian is an innovative world leader when it comes to cable technology, and match that with an impressive worldwide presence. Spanning 50 countries, 112 plants, 25 research and development centres, and with about 30,000 employees, it has a strategic footprint that allows it to service emerging markets and communities across the globe with ease.  The Group has a long history and the business charts the history of the cable industry itself, marked by many major milestones along the way, which cement the reputation as an early adopter and industry pioneer.

Prysmian Group history has its roots in the history of the Pirelli Group. Society Cavi Pirelli was established in Italy in 1879 as the cable division of the recently founded company. Prysmian was founded in July 2005 through the acquisition of the energy and telecom cables and system activities of Pirelli. In 2011, the combination of the 2 market leaders – Prysmian and Draka -culminated in Prysmian Group with General Cables joining the group in 2018.

The Group mission is to provide customers with superior cable solutions based on state-of-the-art technology and consistent excellence in execution. 

Prysmian don’t just want to be good for business they want to be good to do business with and this ethos going forward will help hold and grow the position as market leader in the cable industry.

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