Ross Hall Hospital Exterior Lighting Makeover

Ross Hall Hospital

Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow needed to upgrade the lighting in their carpark to help improve security and night-time visibility in the exterior car park. The ROBUS STREEX LED street light was chosen for superior light output, minimum glare and a robust, sleek and modern design. The ROBUS STREEX powerful LED driver delivers a superior light output whilst providing an environmental saving of 3.43 carbon tonnes.

ROBUS STREEX LED streetlights were used to replace the previously used SON streetlights. For the entire project, a minimum saving of £3,070 in energy costs at today’s prices has been calculated over the minimum life expectancy of the new LED lighting system after payback of less than one year.
“The new ROBUS lighting in the car park is literally the difference between day and night compared to our old discharge lighting. We are delighted with the amount of light the new ROBUS STREEX LED lighting gives out – ensuring the safety of our staff and visitors at night which is of paramount importance to us.” ANDREW YOUNG, BMI Healthcare.

The ROBUS STREEX LED street light combines beautiful aesthetics with high performance to provide the ultimate lighting solution for public and private roads, car parks, driveways and walkway applications. Being exceptionally efficient, operating and maintenance costs are dramatically reduced whilst contributing to making our roads and walkways safer to use.

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EIFI Award Winner, Lighting Distributor of the Year 2017