Smart Sensors a Super Energy Saver

Energy and financial savings are high on the agenda when it comes to lighting both in homes and businesses. With new additions to the AOne™ range, Des Duignan, Director of Sales and Projects, reveals how sensors can assist in reduced energy wastage.

When customers seek to reduce energy costs the first consideration is the lighting itself, but beyond energy efficient LED luminaires how can home or business owners save more money?

Sensing has become increasingly advanced in recent years and incorporated into affordable smart lighting systems to enable further energy savings, instant smart illumination and peace of mind in terms of safety.

What are PIR sensors?
A Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic sensor. It measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view.

A PIR sensor reacts to detected movement, and not just to detected temperatures, so they are extremely effective when placed in areas where people frequent.

Sensing with the AOne
Aurora has recently introduced new products to its AOne smart lighting range. An affordable solution, this new range features two wireless sensors, both controllable by the AOne app. The PIR and Door/Window Sensor are wireless so can be easily installed.

The PIR sensor (3M tape and bracket, 2 X AA batteries supplied) is paired to the AOne app following installation, which can then be configured and connected to the relevant lighting across a building, enabling automatic, instant illumination, at a pre set level and time, where required, eliminating the risk of lights being left on when the room isn’t occupied, saving energy costs.

Hallways and bathrooms are where PIR sensors can make a difference. Immediate occupancy detection allows lights to switch on only when space is occupied. At night, they assist in lighting the way to bathrooms without fumbling around for light switches and disturbing other family members.

The AOne Door/ Window Sensor can be easily installed on a door or window frame and help deter potential intruders by illuminating a room upon a break in the connection. They can also connect to outdoor lights, enabling instantly illuminated trips to the garden, bins or car during winter evenings.

Schedule creation for maximum savings
The AOne app enables customers to schedule days/times and scenes that the sensors operate. It also controls luminaire brightness levels in each location in the house. Combined, this key factors allow for maximum energy savings.

As days get darker, sensor usage schedules can be adjusted to read light levels automatically, and during late afternoons or early mornings lights can automatically turn on or off as the sun rises or sets.

Excellent Value for Money
The new AOne sensors, combined with Aurora’s high performing energy saving lighting, bring undeniable value to an already cost effective smart home solution, giving enhanced energy savings and control.