The Wall Mounted EV Charger

Electric Vehicle Charging For Shopping Centres, Businesses, Car Parks or at Home.

The most compact option for electric vehicle charging at home, car parks, businesses or the workplace is the Wall Mounted EV Charging Point. With Garo’s Wall Mounted GLB Charger, a hybrid EV can be fully charged in
around 2 hours, and a pure electric EV in around 4.5 hours.

University College Dublin (UCD), Dundrum Shopping Centre, Fingal County Council and the Commission of Regulation of Water & Energy CRU are some of the high profile organisations to choose this type of Garo charger for their installations.


Garo Wall Chargers have small dimensions, are easy to install, user friendly and above all safe. There is a range of versions available including RFID functionality, giving the user control of who can use the charger.

An input for low tariff or night rate charging allows the user to plug their car in at any time, but charging will only take place at times that are specified by the user, such as low tariff / night rates.

Within this range, there is a multitude of product variations to fit specific requirements. Buyers can choose from the basic charger model, to the most popular model (featuring Load Balancing and Low Tariff options) right through to the smartest wall charger with Wi-Fi, RFID, 4G,and cloud billing options. Type 2 socket outlet, Type 2 or Type 1 fixed cable are also available.

A unique Dynamic Load Balancing function ensures that the installation’s main protective device is safeguarded by the EV charging station. As the power demands of your electricity system alter, the charger responds accordingly, telling the EV to reduce or stop charging when power usage is high in your system, and to increase when your overall electricity load has reduced.

If you have the need for multi-point charging, choose a cluster of up to 32 units, which is available with 3G/4G connection. These clusters can be load balanced locally without a connection to a cloud service and with the upcoming 3G/4G functions via OCPP 1.6 through a back office.

The motorised interlock prevents the vehicle car owner’s lead from being removed. In the event of a power cut, the inbuilt power reserve will also remove the interlock, allowing the user to disconnect and drive.

For home charging, grants are available towards the purchase and installation of Home Charging Points through the SEAI –

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